Ashes To Go


This made my day. Before you laugh or call me lazy for not going to church, I should tell you: I wasn't going to church on Ash Wednesday, anyway, this man just brought church to me. I'm not Catholic and don't observe Lent, but this man put himself in my path, and I ended up with a little cross of ash on my forehead.

I stopped, mostly from curiosity, to ask why three people would stand at the side of the road, in the freezing cold, waving at traffic and offering, 'Ashes to Go.'

"'Ashes to go,' indeed," I thought!

Instead, I found myself in the parking lot, cars speeding by on the road beside us, feeling humbled, and loved and blessed. I'm thankful. 

No one else had told me, "God loves you," that day.
No one else had said, "Bless you," that day.
I HAD heard a lot of criticism and scorn of people offering such services as this.

Maybe we need to make sure we're not tearing down good people, who are doing good works, and support each other, instead.
Maybe we should say a few more, "Bless you"s next time we're tempted to mock someone for something that they're called to do.

That's just what's been going through my mind the past couple of days.

God bless you. You are loved. 

Your Anner