American Cancer Society Hope Lodge and Ronald McDonald House

Anna speaks to the Director of Hope Lodge, Sara Bircher. They discuss how the Hope Lodge helps house patients from outside of Davidson County that are fighting cancer so that they don't have to worry about hotel costs as cancer treatment can be very expensive. They also discuss the Hope Lodge's need for volunteers for shuttle driving, phone answering, and even just cooking meals every once in a while. Heather Powell, the Development Director of Ronald McDonald House, will also join Anna to discuss the Ronald McDonald House. They talk about how the Ronald McDonald House is run on donations from the public and doesn't actually receive any funding from the McDonald's corporation. Heather also discusses how Ronald McDonald House has wish lists on their website of things that people can donate to the house to help out. Anna will also speak with Marsi Shelton who used to volunteer at Ronald McDonald House and then ended up having to actually use Ronald McDonald House as a resource when her daughter became ill. Marsi discusses how she came to have an even deeper sense of understanding and closeness with those that use Ronald McDonald House after she volunteered and had to use the facilities herself.