90's Style is Coming Back!

Which one are you most excited about?

Nineties Fashion Trends That Are Destined To Come Back This Year

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Hang on to your bucket hat, because soon we’re going to be raising the roof for these slammin’ 90s fashion trends. If you go to the mall and wonder whether you’ve somehow managed to time travel back to 1994, you’re not alone. Every store is piled high with crop tops and Fresh Prince overalls. Miley Cyrus and Kylie Jenner have mastered  the 90s grunge look so well that you forget they were still in diapers when it first came into style. And let’s not forget how Adam Levine bleached his hair a shade of yellow we have not seen since Justin Timberlake in his N Sync days (after all these years I still have no idea how to spell it. Is there a * somewhere?)

The high-waisted jeans and scrunchies prove that anything from the 1990s is going to make a revival, so here are 10 other nineties trends that we can expect in stores soon:

1. Butterfly clips

90s Butterfly Clips

Put down that scrunchie because there’s going to be another 90s hair accessory that demands attention–the butterfly clip. What could be better to jazz up your twisted cornrows than a sparkly plastic clip?

2. Goofy Hats 

90s Sister Sister Hats

We can thank Blossom for the denim bucket hats with rosettes and Mad Hatter top hats of the nineties. She made a comeback on The Big Bang Theory, so it’s only natural that her hats make a reappearance too.

3. Elephant Leg Jeans

90s Elephant Leg Jeans

After wearing skinny jeans that make our legs look like blue sausages for years, it would be a nice change if elephant jeans got resurrected and we could see the circulation return to our thighs.

4. Spice Girl Platforms

90s Spice Girl Platforms

A wedge trainer is essentially Baby Spice‘s platform sneakers, so I give it 4 months before the entire range of Buffalo boots is back in stores.

5.  Bike Shorts

90s Bike Shorts

Bike shorts are essentially just a cropped version of leggings aren’t they? So technically we could make this one at home right now. Just make sure to throw in a geometric print so they’ll be 90s all that and a bag of potato chips. (Did anyone ever actually say that?)

6. Clashing Jackets

90s Clashing Jacket

Not so long ago these jackets were only worn by grandparents who refused to give them up from the early 1990s. Now hipster track jackets are becoming brighter and more patterned. Give it three months and everyone in Brooklyn will be wearing one of these.

7. Bandanas 


Bandanas deserve a revival just so we can have another disguise for dirty hair. Dry shampoo doesn’t always work.

8. Pastel-Tinted Sunglasses

90s Mary Kate and Ashley Tinted Sunglasses

It doesn’t matter how much sun protection they offer, wouldn’t it be so much better to see the world through rose (or blue) tinted sunglasses rather than dull black for a change? No wonder the 1990s were such a happy time.

9. Mood Rings

90s Mood Ring

Showing your boyfriend your mood ring to let him know that you’re pissed off is waaaaaay better than the modern #youknowwhatyoudid #pissedoff tweet. Just for this reason, they deserve a revival.

10. Check Skirt Suits

90s Clueless Check Suit

Before September I guarantee there will be a Clueless clothing line coming out with all your favourite 90s Cher staples. The check skirt suit will be an instant sell-out.

Read more: http://www.thegloss.com/2014/06/12/fashion/90s-fashion-trends-come-back-in-style-photos/#ixzz34nh3B1Mq




Written by Tom Burns for The Good Men Project
When I first became a parent, I found myself either constantly giving or receiving advice. Potty training, co-sleeping, TV time -- there are hundreds of conflicting opinions out there about every parenting-related topic. However, when my really good friends become parents for the first time, there are certain pieces of advice that immediately jump to the top, nuggets of wisdom that I mention before all others. Some are philosophical, some are mundane in the extreme. But when I sit down and really think about being a parent, these are 25 of the most important lessons that I think any dad (or any parent for that matter) would definitely want to pass on to their kids.

1. Winning is fun, but it teaches you nothing. Failure is the best teacher in the world. Winning is a trophy, failing is an education.

2. The key to surviving failure is to not take it personally. This is why video games make great educational tools. Mario doesn’t rage at the world when he fails to jump over a pit. He just starts back at the beginning and tries again until he figures out how to rescue that princess.

3. Ketchup is for French fries and hamburgers. Never hot dogs. That’s why the universe invented mustard.

4. Lying to protect someone’s feelings isn’t lying. It’s called empathy.

5. All the best stuff happens in the dark. Fireworks, movies, trick-or-treating, roasting marshmallows, Space Mountain. Try to remember that when you hear a noise in your closet at night.

6. Grown-ups don’t know everything. Most of us are just trying our hardest and faking it as best we can.

7. If a grown-up, corporation, religion, teacher, boss, and/or significant other tells you that they, in fact, do know everything, that they speak the absolute truth, that’s called fundamentalism, which is a fancy way of saying that they’re lying.

8. Even though, yes, I just admitted that I don’t know everything, pointing that out when we’re arguing is never going to work in your favor.

9. When you’re doing laundry, read the labels on your clothes. When in doubt, wash everything in cold.

10. One day, in the future, during a job interview, someone will ask you “What’s your greatest weakness?” This isn’t an invitation to be honest. This is a test to see how well you can answer a stupid question.

11. Almost everything in life is better in moderation, particularly TV, water parks, the Internet, and Twizzlers.

12. Want to prove to me you’re a big kid? Make it through a two-hour movie in the theater without squirming or complaining. Want to take it to the next level? Make it to the eighth inning of a baseball game.

13. Yes, everyone is going to die one day. And, yes, that really sucks.

14. No, I don’t know what happens after we die. But that’s a fascinating question. Keep asking fascinating questions.

15. I’ll tell you this -- I promise you will never be alone and, even after you die, we will always be together. And there is no one in heaven or on Earth who can prove that that isn’t true.

16. Farting is always funny. Even at the dinner table. Actually, especially at the dinner table.

17. Good rule to live by: If they look like they’re fine, it’s OK to laugh. If they’re really hurt, shut up and help.

18. Ignoring race and class doesn’t mean that you’re enlightened. It just means that you’re good at ignoring things.

19. Debt is evil and oppressive. If you’re going to go into debt for something, make sure it’s worth it.

20. On a related topic, a college education is worthless if you don’t know how to properly use an apostrophe with the letter “s.”

21. Science both answers questions and keeps discovering new questions to ask. This is why science is awesome.

22. As far as anyone knows, Santa Claus and vampires might actually exist. The world is a much more interesting place if you accept the fact that, yes, there really could be a Monster at the End of This Book.

23. You can be mad at someone and still love them at the same time. This can be very confusing.

24. Talking about abstract things is important. Having big, wild conversations about concepts like art, music, time travel, and dreams makes it much easier when you’ll eventually need to talk about things like anger, sadness, pain, and love.

25. Every dad needs to teach his kids the lyrics to “The Diarrhea Song.” During a long family car trip… But only when they’re ready."



You have 10 days to get into that awesome outfit! Then, it's time to audition for season 19 of "THE BACHELOR!" Thursday June 19, 2014  
FROM: 5PM - 9PM 
PHONE: (615) 742-9095 
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It's true! After airing live on network tv for many years, the Daytime Emmy Awards will only be brodcast on (you guessed it)... the Internet!

Will YOU watch it? Or just check to see if your favorite won?






What would you do? Borrow? Is that sanitary? Go out and buy some? Go home and get it? Pretend you are sick? Kim left her make-up at home today and Clint made fun of her all morning. (Meanie!)  What would YOU do?

It's tough to be a 5-year-old Romeo! Click here for a priceless viral video that you will want to share with a lot of people!





On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you care about Kimye's wedding?




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Listen to the interview with John Green and the cast of TFIOS by clicking HERE.

"The Fault in Our Stars!"

Until 8 pm, you have a shot at FOUR Wristbands for our "The Fault in Our Stars" event tomorrow! For details, click HERE.



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Happy Cinco de Mayo! Is it possible to overdose on guacamole?

Did you stop by for your free Star Wars Pez? What a fun FEEL GOOD FRIDAY we had with "Princess Leia!)

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"Another Remake of "Annie." Want to see the first official trailer? Click HERE. But we're telling you now, this is not your childhood "Annie." It's a bit of a different story.


"Mom! There's nothing to do!" Welcome to another SNOW day! CLICK HERE to see how other parents are coping.

Have you noticed how much Toddlers and Puppies have in common?

Click HERE. You may be surprised!

We'll keep you posted. Icy Roads today. BREAKING NEWS: OFFICIALS SAY STAY HOME!



Are you ready for the Academy Awards this weekend? Try your Oscar Trivia Knowledge by clicking HERE.

To vote for Ben Briley, text 9 to 83676 or call 1.855.443.6509.
This is a big week, cutting down to Top 5 girls, Top 5 guys and 3 wild cards, one for each of the judges. Idol is on tonight at 7pm on FOX17.

Biathlon. Cool or Lame?

So they cross country ski then shoot a rifle at a target. How do those two events go together?

Shaun White didn't win the gold, but...

Clint Redwine pointed out the new sportsmanship that has become part of the games with the addition of what he calls the new X-sports competitions like snowboarding and half-pipe.  The competing players have a genuine care for each other and pull for each other.  The great run is what it's all about.  This pic just says it! Shaun congratulates Switzeland's Iouri Podladtchikov.

The Hug Heard Round the World

Gold Mogul Canadian Winner Alex Bilodeau didn't just win for himself.  In a beautiful moment of joy, he called his older brother from the stands to accept the win with him.  His brother was born with cerebral palsy.  "If he could do this, he would have three gold medals by now" said Alex of the inspiration that has kept him skiing all these years.  Read the story here.

Will you watch the opening ceremonies?

What other sports will you watch, if any? Skiing, Figure Skating, Luge, Curling, Bobsled, Ice Hockey, Ski Jumping...?

CLICK HERE to respond

What will you remember most about the Super Bowl this year? The Blow out? Bruno Mars halftime show? The Commercials? What really stands out to you?

Remember the Disney movie, "Cool Runnings" about the Jamaican bobsled team? Well, it looks like Jamaica will be making another appearance in that sport this year! It will be the first time since 2002.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for other movies with OLYMPIC SPIRIT, click here.




Many people love the Olympics because it brings the nation together. BUT did you know...? We have a major controversy regarding the Women's Figure Skating Team. Do you know what is going on? CLICK HERE to get the details, and CLICK HERE to chime in!


 Double dog dare ya to watch this without crying happy tears! CLICK HERE when you have two minutes.





How many of the following items do you have in your car? This is a list of 15 things we are supposed to have in our Emergency Kit.
- A blanket;
- water
- food such as energy bars
- a compact shovel
- a windshield scraper
- small broom
- a flashlight with fresh batteries
- first aid supplies ...
- a charger for your cellphone
- an ice scraper
- booster cables
- hand warmers
- gloves
- extra clothing.
- A bag of sand or cat box filler can help provide traction should you get stuck on a slick road. Although in this case, the cold should be more of an issue than snow or ice.

Do you have any regrets about 2013? Something you would like to leave behind you as you enter the New Year? How do you DO that?  Some people write down the stuff they want to let go of and light it on fire. Read about it HERE.

If you are looking for some musical entertainment this New Years Eve, there are plenty of options, though most of the big name shows are sold out. Still, if you are willing to brave the crowds, you should find lots of fun!

Follow the NORAD Santa satellite around the world including North Pole weather bulletins, Abominable Snowmen watches, and test runs!  Go here!
Christmas Gifts for those who have everything!
How would you like to meet James Taylor and sit in the front row at his annual 4th of July concert? Well, today that could cost you about $7,000.. Want Paul McCartney to record your voice mail message?  This Website has a lot of fun ways to spend crazy amounts of money. Click HERE.
Here is Ms. Cheap's annual guide to FREE Holiday Events! You may want to print it out but make sure you have plenty of paper. OR go get the Sunday Tennessean!


Does this cold weather make you feel more like Christmas music? It could happen time now!

So, how is the time change working out for you? Did you drive home in pitch darkness last night? Did you find yourself going to bed a lot earlier? Or do you love having more daylight in the morning? Well, which is it?

According to Parent's magazine, grandpa and grandma names are making a comeback.  Mabel, Calvin, Opal, and Oswald are just a few to make the list.  Check out the hot and not so hot list.  Hubert and Millard, unfortunately didn't make either list.  NOTE:  Girls, you can come up with your own grandma name by going by your birthstone or state flower.  Guys, go by Presidential names from #13 to 31. 
Here is a thorough list of Halloween festivities. Some are still on for tonight, but many are postponed. Click HERE for the absolute latest from our friends at WKRN News 2. (They are awesome!)

Davidson County

- East Nashville Trick or Treat Lischey Street will be held Friday from 6-8 p.m.

Cannon County

- Woodbury Nursing Center will hold their Halloween celebration Friday, Nov. 1 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Cheatham County

Pleasant View
- Neighborhoods strongly encouraged to move festivities to Friday, Nov. 1
- Halloween on Main Street moved to Friday, Nov. 1

Davidson County

- Opry Mills Mall: Costume parade at 6:45 p.m.; trick-or-treating from 5-8 p.m.
- Green Hills Mall: Trick-or-treating from 5-8 p.m.

Dickson County

- Spooks in the Park cancelled: will not be rescheduled
- Neighborhoods asked to move activities to Friday, Nov. 1

Maury County

- Haunting in the District will be held Friday, Nov. 1 from 6 p.m.- 8 p.m.
- Columbia High's Halloween festivities will be held Friday, Nov. 1 from 4p.m. -6 p.m.

Montgomery County

- Individual communities/neighborhoods with concerns are encouraged to pick an alternate night to trick-or-treat

Ft. Campbell
- Operation Friendly Ghost, trick-or-treating moved to Friday, Nov. 1, 6-8 p.m.

Overton County

- Trick-or-treating moved to Sat., Nov. 2

Perry County

- Neighborhoods asked to move activities to Friday, Nov. 1

- Neighborhoods asked to move activities to Friday, Nov. 1

Putnam County

- Trick-or-treating moved to Saturday night

- Trick-or-treating moved to Friday night

Robertson County

- Parents/neighborhoods asked to consider moving activities to Friday, Nov. 1

White House

- Trick-or-treating will be held Saturday, Nov. 2 from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Rutherford County

- Rutherford County Sheriff's Office festivities moved to Friday, Nov. 1 from 4-8 p.m.
- Stones River Mall: Costume contest, trick-or-treating Thurs. Oct. 31, 2013, 5-7 p.m.
- Crossway's Trunk-or-Treat will be held at 5:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 1

Stewart County

Indian Mound
- Trick-or-treating moved to Friday, Nov. 1

Sumner County

- Pumpkin Festival moved to Rivergate Mall; will still be held Thursday, Oct. 31, 5-7 p.m.

Trousdale County

- Trick-or-treating will be held Saturday, Nov. 2.

Van Buren County

- Observing Halloween on Saturday, Nov. 2.

Williamson County

- Residents urged to use their best judgment

- Downtown Franklin, Hincheyville neighborhoods trick-or-treating moved to Friday, Nov. 1
- Cool Springs Mall: Trick-or-treating from 5-7 p.m.

Wilson County

- Festivities postponed to Friday, Nov. 1
- Halloween on the Square will take place Friday, Nov. 1 from 5-8 p.m.

Mt. Juliet
- Residents urged to move activities to Friday, Nov. 1 in the event of storms

Halloween Storms! It's going to be a mess for Trick or Treating, so the question is, should your neighborhood switch the festivities to Friday? Do you even HAVE Trick or Treating in your neighborhood? Kids in Metro Schools have friday off annyway. What do you think?
Can you imagine McDonald's french fries without Heinz ketchup? It's true. They have dropped the ketchup giant and are currently shopping for a new ketchup supplier. Is there another ketchup company? Did you know that in Europe they put vinegar or mayonaisse on their fries?

"Bad Grandpa" and "The Counselor" are opening this weekend. Making plans to see one or the other? You might want to check out Clint's MiX Flix Movie Review!
Some Movie theaters are throwing in the towel and creating a TEXTION... That is a section of the theater where Texting is allowed. Do you think that's a good idea?


Did you turn on the heat this weekend? Temperatures dropped into the 30's overnight. More cold is on the way? When do you flip the switch?

This will make you smile! There are so many things that we do privately that everybody else does too!  Example? Ever cross your arms in the shower and collect the water in the "bucket?"  (No, we don't have a camera set up!)

Want to know more? Listen at 7:10 this morning!

Imagine the reaction from your friends and family if they called you and instead of a standard boring voice mail greeting, they heard the unmistakable voice of the one and only Cher. If you've got some cash lying around, it could happen.

Cher is one of many big names who've signed on to a campaign called Sound Off for Autism Speaks, which will raise money to support autism research and advocacy. For $299, the legendary diva will record the personalized voice mail message of your choice -- or even a message specifically addressed to a friend or loved one. The only limit: it's got to be either 20 seconds or 250 characters of text.

The offer is only good through this Friday at 5 p.m. ET, so you'd better put your order in now. One of the stars participating, Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, is "sold out" -- he's not doing anymore, but Cher is still waiting for your order. Other stars participating include Jack Black, Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage, Star Wars icon Mark Hamill, Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons and Batman himself, Adam West.

Last year's inaugural Sound Off for Autism Speaks campaign raised more than $100,000. Visit AutismSpeaks.org and search "Sound Off" for more information.

Hall & Oates, Peter Gabriel, Nirvana, Linda Ronstadt, LL Cool J, Yes, Cat Stevens, KISS, Deep Purple... These are among the nominees being considered for induction into the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame. WHICH ACT IS MOST DESERVING?
What kind of Orange Juice do you have in your fridge? No Pulp? Low Pulp? Lots of Pulp? All over the country, families have at least TWO Orange Juice containers in the refrigerator? Is PULPY juice better for you?



If you have an iPhone or an iPad.... etc. Have you downloaded IOS 7.0 or IOS 7.0.2? Have you lost your mind trying to get around some of the glitches. Click HERE if you need some help.


This morning at 7:10, Join Kim, Anna, and Clint for an exclusive visit with Jonathan Jackson, who plays Avery Barkley on "Nashville."  He will be in the Mix 92.9 Studio with his friend, Steve Burton from "The Young and the Restless." You may remember them both from "General Hospital." Steve played Jason Morgan, while Jonathan is remembered for portraying Luke and Laura's son, Lucky. You may also remember Jonathan from from the Michelle Pfeiffer film, "The Deep End of the Ocean."


Here is the VIDEO of "You Killed Romeo"


What's the worst place you have left your cell phone? What did you do about it and more importantly, how did you FEEL without your phone? Nekkid? Share Here.

Wanna See a LEGEND in Concert? Not just a singer, but an Academy Award winning Actress! CHER is coming to town in March. Tickets got on SALE next Friday October 4. Details HERE.
We all have a Go-to TV show, right? But it seems like forever since that cliffhanger, so WHEN is it coming back? CLICK HERE.
One Direction, Taylor Swift, Robin Thicke have all set new WORLD RECORDS! What are they? CLICK HERE.


Why do those of us who do NOT play get invitations to play every single day? Make it stop! If you play, click HERE and share with us, what is it?

Ariel Castro, the man who pleaded guilty to kidnapping three women for a decade in Cleveland, has been found hanged in his cell. For more details, check out Anna's NEWS at the top and bottom of every hour between 6 and 8:30 a.m.

You will have to share the road this weekend with a lot of people. AAA says they expect more people on the road this weekend since the recession. The good news is, there is no construction.
Do you work for one of the MOST HATED INDUSTRIES IN AMERICA?

Click HERE for the entire article.

10.) Movie Industry

9.) Television and Radio

8.) Electric and Gas Utilities

7.) Real Estate

6.) Legal

5.) Pharmaceutical

4.) Banking

3.) Healthcare Industry

2.) Federal Government

1.) Oil and Gas Industry

If you read "Defiance" by CJ Redwine, then you have been waiting for the second of the trilogy to come out, just dying to know what has happened to Logan and Rachel! Well, wait no more! "Deception" is in store and downloadable to a device near you tomorrow!  Click HERE to order it now.

You can get an autographed copy at the booksigning Tuesday night in Green Hills at Parnasus. 6:30 - 9:00.


Want to go to the movies this weekend?  Check out what playing here. And make sure you hear Clint's review with the Mix Flix Movie Review at 8:12 every Friday morning on Mix 92.9.

Well, it was quite a ride for the South Nashville Little League Team, but the boys have played their last game is Williamsburg, Pennsylvania this year. They were beaten by the team from Washington State last night by one run. You'll get 'em next time, guys! We are all SO PROUD of you!


Do you realize how long Elton John has been singing "Your Song?" 43 YEARS!  How many times do you think he has sung it in concert? Conservatively, more than 2000! Watch a video HERE of Elton singing "Your Song" LIVE in Concert. The COSTUMES are fabulous!




You really have to see this to get how funny it is! CLICK HERE.


True, he knew it was coming and he is getting a sweet deal. Jay Leno's last night on The Tonight Show will be February 6, 2014. However, his staff will be paid until the following September, which is the official end date of Jay's contract. By now, most people know that Jimmy Fallon will be replacing Jay on the Tonight Show. 


Jay Leno

David Letterman

Craig Ferguson

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Kimmel

Conan O'Brien

  1. Did we forget anyone?
  2. Click HERE to respond.


Yes indeed, it is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Do you watch? Do you know someone who does? Do you think the popularity of the Sci-fy movie, "Sharknado" will add to the popularity?


Yup! If you wear SPANX, you know how they look and feel. Now you can buy your JEANS made by spanx. But they are not cheap. They start at $98. Click HERE.




WOO HOO! More than 16,000 Facebook Likes! You guys are amazing! THANK YOU!


Looks like there may be another installment in the world of Beverly Hills Cop. Would you go see it? When last we left Axel Foley, he was escaping danger in an imaginary amusement park. What could they possibly come up with for a storyline this time?


Yup. "Sharknado!" will be in theaters for a brief time in August. Plus, they are in talks already to produce "Sharknado TWO!"




If you are a fan of "Dancing With The Stars," here's the latest:

  • The new season starts September 16.
  • The show will only air on Mondays. There will not be a results show, per se. Everything will happen on Mondays.
  • Carrie Ann Inaba is the ONLY judge who has been confirmed. No word on Len or Bruno.
  • Could Paula Abdul be a new judge? Rumors are flying!
  • This season's "stars" will likely be younger. ABC says they are trying to appeal to a younger audience, so expect to see celebutantes from the Disney Channel.
  • Although, the hottest "star" rumor is Paula Abdul.

You planning to watch this upcoming season? Who would you like to see on the show?



At what age is it okay to leave your child overnight? Answer HERE.




Hitting the movies this weekend? There are two new ones you will find: "Pacific Rim" and "Grown-Ups 2." For everything you need to know about these and every other movie in theaters, CLICK HERE.



More sunshine this week, AND more heat! Temperatures in the 90's all this week. Would you rather have hot and humid in July or uncharacteristically cool and rainy like we had last week?


Win Harry Connick, Jr. tickets today from Mix 92.9, and see what else is going on in Nashville!  

Harry Connick, Jr. is at The Woods Amphitheater at Fontanel, July 12th. You can win  tickets this afternoon at 5:40 with the Rewind Game. 
The Bruce Munro light exhibit - happening at Cheekwood Botanical Garden & Museum of Art. www.cheekwood.org

At the Frist Center for the Visual Arts, 919 Broadway, downtown Nashville, see "Sensuous Steel: Art Deco Automobiles" (Art-Deco style cars and motorcycles from the 30s and 40s). There's also "Art of the Ancient Americas," and a kids' area where they can create art. www.fristcenter.org (Admission for kids under 18 is always free)

Every Saturday at Centennial Park, through Aug 24th, there's a free Big Band Dance. 7:30. www.nashville.gov/parks

Hypnotist Rich Guzzi is at Zanies Comedy Club through Sunday. They're billing it as, "What you don't remember, your friends will never let you forget."  www.zanies.com or  269-0221 for tickets.

And tomorrow night (Saturday), Chaka Kahn performs with the Nashville Symphony at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. www.nashvillesymphony.org 


As Heard On Previous Mix Morning Shows:
Worst Job Experince? 
Have you experienced a job so bad that you could only take ONE DAY of it?  Maybe it could take only one day of YOU????  Here's a fun video that shows some bad jobs that definitely fall in that category!

Music Helps You Work Better
Mix 92.9 may make you do better work! A group at the Brain Paint neurofeedback clinic did testing to determine what types of music are best for focus. Brain Paint technology is an evidence-based neurofeedback system that illustrates a person’s brain wave activity, including their states of thoughts, feelings and focus.




May he rest in peace, After 781 straight Alabama Crimson Tide football games, Dick Coffee has died at the age of 91.

Dick Coffee's streak would have been longer, but he put off college to serve in WWII. Then, in 1946, the Alabama freshman attended the season opener against Furman. He'd go to every single Crimson Tide game played—including road games and bowl—right up through January's national title. That's 781 straight.

Coffee died Friday at the age of 91, but had been in failing health for some time. Only death could have stopped him, though: “He was in a wheelchair and couldn’t hear, but he was at all of them.”

Amazingly, Coffee fell short of the record for most consecutive college football games attended.

“I thought he had the all-time record, and I sent it to the Guinness Book of World Records when he got up to about 700,” Melton said. “They wrote back and said no, he was second.”

The record was set by Giles Pellerin, who attended 797 consecutive USC games, beginning in 1926. He died in the Rose Bowl parking lot in 1998 during the second half of the USC-UCLA game.



You can read the whole story HERE.



The Worst EVER visitor to Nashville! Read here. What a Moron! Your Comments?


One big movie coming out this weekend! Wanna see what it is? Read reviews? Get Showtimes?

Click HERE.




Oh My, Mr. Zesty! What a bru-ha-ha you are causing.  
Question: Is the People Magazine ad offensive? (One Million Moms are encouraging people to take this action: Please send Kraft an email letter and urge them to discontinue their offensive "Let's Get Zesty"campaign immediately.  Kraft has gone too far and needs to hear from you now!)
The moms add: "Christians will not be able to buy Kraft dressings or any of their products until they clean up their advertising." 

Or is it "playful and flirtatious" as Kraft says?  "Our Kraft dressing's 'Let's Get Zesty' campaign is a playful and flirtatious way to reach our consumers. People have overwhelmingly said they're enjoying the campaign and having fun with it."





Clint's daughter Johanna is a riot. Over the weekend she was saying her prayers:  "Thank you for Grandpa, Grandma, Jesus, my brothers, that Mommy has purple in her hair, and thank you that in the morning I'll be a frog and can do anything I want. Amen." What have YOUR kids been praying for?



I-24 EASTBOUND CLOSED DUE TO MAJOR TRAFFIC ACCIDENT: 2 dead, 7 injured in an accident that involved 8 cars and two tractor trailers. I-24 Eastbound is closed at exit 81 and should be until 7 a.m.at the earliest. Bob August will have alternatives on the Mix Morning Show. Accident occurred just past midnight.


EWWW! SAYING "HAI" TO THE EYE? In Japan, going to second base is now licking your partner's eyeball! A rash of pink-eye has popped up in Japanese schools due to this latest craze, AND about 1/3 of sixth graders there have already done this. More and more kids are wearing eye patches due to Conjunctivitis. The human mouth is filled with bacteria and when kids go around licking other kids’ eyeballs, it’s going to happen. The non-technical term for this fetish is, “Oculolinctus,” also known as “worming.” If it's happening there, you better believe it is happening here! Read all about it.





He's not really a doctor, but he may have played a mad scientist in a movie once or twice. He was in Toronto with some friends when an elderly couple had an accident right in front of him; the 77-year-old man fell on a scafolding and suffered a gash to his neck! John Malkovich jumped to the rescue and did everything he could to stop the bleeding until the paramedics got there. The man lived and Malkovich was given the credit by the medical professionals. See the whole story here.



"Movies in the Park" is scheduled to kick off on Thursday evening. Or we could mention this and do a weekend event today. The festivities are scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. at Elmington Park located just off of West End. At sundown, the hit Disney film "Brave" will be shown. "Movies in the Park" continues each Thursday during the month of June. Organizers expect between 2,000 and 4,000 attendees each week. 
This year marks the nineteenth year for the free event.



Is "Good Customer Service" redundant? Have you ever told a stranger's boss what a great job he/she is doing? Or do you just expect them to do a great  job and only talk to their boss when they screw up? What is your take on this?









Did you hear about the local city councilman who drove himself to the hospital while having a FULL ON HEART ATTACK? He slipped out of the house before 3 am without waking his wife and family, got himself to the hospital and was in surgery having a stent installed by 5 AM! Some people are calling his actions "Brave" and "Amazing!" Or was it stupid? You decide. Read the whole story HERE.


 ! I had never seen the two actually speaking… and it’s WONDERFUL! Helen was born deaf and blind, and was mute … never speaking a word, till Anne Sullivan came along. Wait till you hear her very first sentence!




WOW! Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough brought the crowd to tears last night on DWTS! Go Team Kellie! . Even the judges were speechless and crying. Wow! Wow! Wow! There was some tough competition but the Mirror Ball was handed to our Nashville girl and her enthusiasm was evident!  You can see more HERE.



Have you ever had buyers remorse about something you bought after seeing it on TV?  Kim recently sent away for a "SPATTY" and a "SPATTY DADDY." Wondering what they are? Take a look. What are they for? How many times have you thrown away perfectly good make-up, moisterizer, lipstick, and dozens of other things just because you could not reach the 1/4 to 1/3 of the product left at the bottom. So this mini-spatula makes all those products good to the last drop.




Is it or Isn't it? Poisonous, that is. Is it Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, or nothing to worry about? Click here to see what the bad stuff looks like.


A new chart of fortunes has just been released. Of the celebrities in the world, who do you think would have the big bucks? Oprah is still up there, and George Lucas, too. But there are a few surprises. Maybe more than a few. Want to see the whole list? Click HERE.


Every Tuesday morning at 8:13, our Mr. Movie, Clint Redwine tips us off to the good - and the bad- new releases on DVD.


Readers Digest recently published a poll, asking Americans whom they trusted most. The answers may surprise you! Read HERE to find out who made the list.







Three of America’s most successful stand-ups are to launch their own theme park. Three of America’s most successful stand-ups are to launch their own theme park. Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry The Cable Guy – known for their Blue Comedy Tour – are set to open a $200million park in Alabama.The 500-acre development is likely to include rides, hotels, shops, a resort for camper vans, and an arena for gigs and conferences.Restaurants in the planned Blue Collar Country will include a steakhouse named in honour of Foxworthy, an Engvall seafood joint and a Larry The Cable Guy rib shack.The Hollywood Reporter says that although construction has yet to begin, the theme park could be up and running within three years. And if it’s successful, the group are looking to open another six parks across the US.The Blue Collar franchise made millions from tours from 2000 to 2006 and the subsequent DVDs, TV shows and other merchandise.




Two Years ago today, Osama Bin Laden was killed and his body was dumped in the ocean. 3 Years ago, the thousand Year flood hit Middle Tennessee. and 80 years ago today, the Lochness Monster was spotted in Scotland. It's a bad day for water.


Yes, there's an online dating service for just about everyone these days! But have you heard about this one?http://www.farmersonly.com/  If you are looking for a country boy, this could be the site for you! Have you seen the TV commercial? Click Here.

The rain and early spring weather has brought out two of the things we all hate most: Mosquitios and Ticks! Yeeech!  Are you checking yourself, your kids and your pets for ticks?  And don't forget to make sure your screens are in all your windows at home.

President Obama last night joined Conan O'Brien onstage at the Washington Hilton for the annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, and gave his fifth address to the organization of journalists who cover the White House, and the President himself. In his remarks, the President poked at himself, as well as some of the news organizations and politicians in the room. He also showed a spoof promo for Steven Spielberg's followup to "LIncoln," a biopic called "Obama."

But while everyone had a good laugh during the speech, President Obama closed his speech on a more serious note, reminding the audience of the important role the media plays in American society, especially during times of crisis like the Boston Marathon bombings and the explosion that killed so many first responders in West, Texas.

You can watch the entire speech here







It's Spring! Everything is turning green, and all the critters are coming out for food and other fun stuff. Which animals are you seeing? Deer, rabbits, turtles,...? Send email to Kim@mix929.com http://www.southernshows.com/wna/

The Southern Womens Show gets underway Thursday. Are you ready? Do you have everything you need? Here's a list of things you may want to consider bringing with you: An extra pair of comfortable shoes, a shopping buggy on wheels, ADDRESS LABELS to enter contests, a pen and pad so you can take notes on things you want to remember.

Also, empty the extra stuff out of your purse or leave it locked away in your trunk. You won't want to carry that extra weight. Water or an empty water bottle you can fill up at the show. Cash. Most vendor take cards but not all, and it'll save you an ATM fee if you have it with you. Protein bar or a light snack. Business cards. Some places let you register by dropping in a card. Aspirin or painkiller. Someone's likely to need them. 

If you want to exchange phone numbers with someone, instead of standing there in the aisle rummaging for paper or a pen, call that person right then. They'll have yours that way too!

,...What would YOU bring?



"Django Unchained" is among the DVDs and BluRays coming out today. Click Here to see what else is for sale this week.


What's up with all the WASPS? If you haven't seen one in your home, consider yourself lucky! If you want to get rid of them CLICK HERE for a few remedies.



Did 'Cookie Monster' shove a toddler?
The man was impersonating Cookie Monster to hustle money posing for photos, police say. When a toddler's parents refused to pay $2, this Cookie Monster apparently got mad. The child was shoved, and the costumed character was arrested. Read the whole story here.




A woman buys a $7 painting at a flea market. She finds out soon after that it is an original Renoir! Great news right? Well not quite! It was reported stolen by a museum in Baltimore 60 years ago and they want it back! But wait, there's more! An insurance company says they paid off on the loss years ago and the painting now belongs to them! So a federal judge is trying to figure it all out!


CASTING CALL. April 13th at Buffalo's on 2nd Avenue. Interested? Click HERE for more information.



Do you know someone who is obsessed with Healthy Eating? Is it you? There are several ways to find out if you "healthy choices" are bordering on OCD. For a Quiz, Click HERE. There is actually a highly recommended book about this very subject called "Health Food Junkies."



Back on February 2, That famous prognosticator Punxutawney Phil said we would have an early Spring. Well, here we are on March 25 and it is snowing! So an Ohio prosecutor indicted him for fraud over the weekend. Think it's a joke? Click HERE  to see the whole story.


Have you noticed that tax filers fall into three categories: those who file in January before they even get their W-2, those who work on it diligently as April 15th looms in the near future, and finally those who wait until the last minute due to procrastination OR not wanting to give money to the government any earlier than possible. Which one are you?



The new season of Dancing with the Stars started last night and Nashville was well represented with two contestants;. Kellie Pickler and Wynonna Judd. Both did and admirable job but Kellie really wowed the judges and was by far the favorite on our Facebook page. Are you watching this season?



The 2013 Dream Home winner is Carole Simpson of Columbia, Tennessee. Over 77 million entries were received this year, and her name was drawn from among all those people. Read all about it HERE.



Catholic or not, hundreds of thousands of people turned on their TVs to see who would be named Pope. The new Pope is POPE FRANCIS I from Argentina. Want to know more about him? Click HERE.

If the CAB DRIVERS of ROME have their way, the next Pope will be Cardinal O'Malley or Cardinal Dolan. Both Americans. Why? Because that means more rich American tourists and more money for them! And a sign of modern times.. Popealarm.com will send you a text when a new Pope is named. Yup, that's a first. When the smoke goes up, you'll know what's going down at the Vatican via text.



Here are the TOP 5 sites that Americans surf:
1.) Facebook
2.) Google Sites (Especially You Tube)
3.) Yahoo!
4.) Microsoft
5.) AOL
Do any of these SURPRISE YOU? (Wonder where Mix929.com falls on this list? Hmmm. Probably 11 or 12.)



What a star-studded opening to Saturday Night Live this weekend! Justin Timberlake celebrated his fifth time hosting the show, but he didn't do it alone! Watch the video HERE.


If you have ever watched "South Park," then you know that they make lampooning celebrities an art form! Here is the ultimate list of celebs who have faced the wrath of the "South Park" gang!

Russell Crowe has posted a video on YouTube which he claimed showed a UFO passing by his office window in Sydney. The Oscar-winning actor posted a link from his Twitter account to a YouTube video with the message: "UFO? Time Lapse Photos Outside RC's Woolloomooloo Office (THESE ARE REAL!)"  The 23-second video showed a bright rectangular light moving across the Sydney horizon in tandem with another rectangular light at ground level. The "big surprise" was filmed after Crowe and a friend set up a camera to "capture fruit bats rising from Botanic Gardens" outside the actor's office in the inner-city Syndey suburb of Woolloomooloo, according to his Twitter.



Harry Styles has scored a hit—but it's left him reeling in all the wrong ways.

Taylor Swift 's ex was clocked in the crotch with a shoe Tuesday during a show with his fellow One Direction boys in Glasgow, Scotland—a freak mishap that saw him collapse to the floor in pain as his bandmates and the audience looked on in both horror and morbid incredulity.

It all went down during a break in the show as Styles and his bandmates—Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik—chatted up the audience.

A fan then threw a shoe at the stage near Styles, prompting the singer to pick it up and wonder where the other one was.He got his answer: Suddenly a second shoe hurtled to the stage and hit the 19-year-old singer in the groin, causing him to keel over and curl up on the floor as he cupped his crotch. The incident also caught his bandmates by surprise, shouting "Man down!" as Payne and Malik checked in on Styles to make sure he was all right.



FORGOTTEN IN MEMORIUM - WHOOPS!   You may think of them as television stars, but there were several stars who were also prominent in films who passed away over the past year and were left off the "In Memoriam" piece of the Academy Awards. Among them, Donna Summer, who starred in "Thank God It's Friday" during the disco era. Also, Phyllis Diller, who was in a lot of older movies, bu tyou may remember her voice from the part of the Queen in "A Bug's Life." Also, Larry Hagman, who starred in several movies, including a prominent role as the 1998 film "Primary Colors." And one actor who did scads of movies and was left out completely..... Andy Griffith!


Anybody just look goofy? The only one we could find was Bradley Cooper's Mom. And we CAN'T make fun of Bradley Cooper's Mom!


The Oscars are on this weekend, hosted by Seth McFarland. Click here for all things Oscar! Nominees, Party Ideas, Games, Odds, etc.



Tis the season for Girl Scout Cookies! You know you want them! What kind can you not live without? What do you consider a "serving?"


Who was best dressed? Worst dressed? Did they follow the "rules" laid out to them. What do YOU think?


If you had to take your Driver Permit written test today, would you pass? Clint's 15 year old passed his test this week after studying hard. But these many year later, would YOU pass? Do you think we should all have to re-take our driving tests at some point?



Re-watch your favorite Super Bowl Commercials and share them with you friends right HERE. http://www.spotbowl.com/


Doing your TAXES?  We bet there is at least one deduction out of these five that applies to you and you may have never known. Click HERE to find out how you can save this year!

          Saturday Night Live's ode to the YOLO meme has taken iTunes by storm, catapulting the song to number one on the Top 10 Comedy Songs charts in the United States and Canada.

The Lonely Island tune — named "YOLO" in honor of the popular catchphrase that stands for "you only live once" — features recent SNL host Adam Levine and musical guest Kendrick Lamar. The song costs $1.29 on iTunes. On YouTube, "YOLO" has racked up more than 3.6 million views.


        Mix 92.9 friend MELINDA DOOLITTLE is the #1 story on TMZ defending "Idol" against 9 previous contestants who say it is Racist. Melinda Doolittle adamantly disagrees, telling TMZ, "It is shocking to see such allegations. In my experience on the show, the 'Idol' team strives to champion everyone, regardless of race. However, each contestant is explicitly told that the withholding of information that may compromise the show or artist, can and will result in immediate disqualification."

          Uh-Oh!  Best Buy totally messed up on one of its coupons recently. First, it offered a coupon for $50 off a purchase of $100 or more as long as the customer used a Mastercard. Like most coupons of its type, it excluded some items, such as iPods and certain brands of TVs. But it didn't exclude gift cards. The coupon didn't even limit the number of purchases. All you needed was to spend $100.

People freaked out. Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/best-buy-coupon-fail-2013-1#ixzz2InntvcdU


    Flu. Flu. Whose got the Flu? The doctors and commercials all say take Tamiflu. But what about old fashioned home remedies? Do those work?

        What about YOUR profession? Perhaps the explanation will provide more insight. As per the piece, Kevin Dutton, the author, indicated that ”a number of psychopathic attributes [are] actually more common in business leaders than in so-called disturbed criminals — attributes such as superficial charm, egocentricity, persuasiveness, lack of empathy, independence, and focus.” So, maybe it makes more sense now that we think how objective broadcast professionals and journalists must be to distance themselves from reporting.

1. CEO
2. Lawyer
3. Media (Television/Radio)
4. Salesperson
5. Surgeon
6. Journalist
7. Police officer
8. Clergy person
9. Chef
10. Civil servant



How does this affect me?  The aversion of the fiscal cliff is supposed to be good news, but not everyone is satisfied. Want to know more about it? Read how the media is portraying it and make up your own mind:

Fox News




Once your Christmas tree is stripped of ornaments, the city of Nashville urges you to recycle it.
This week, parks in Davidson County will be collecting Christmas trees to turn them into mulch for landscaping.
In Nashville, trees can be dropped off at nine parks, one recreation center and the former Lakewood City Hall building from Dec. 27 through Feb. 17.
Parks include:
* Cane Ridge - 419 Battle Rd.
* Cedar Hill - 860 Old Hickory Blvd.
* Edwin Warner - 50 Vaughn Rd.
* Elmington - 3531 West End Ave.
* Joelton - 21 Joelton Community Center Rd.
* Richland - 4601 Charlotte Pike
* Sevier - corner of Clayton Avenue and Granny White Pike, near picnic shelters
* Two Rivers - 3150 McGavock Pike
* Whitfield - Edmondson Pike at Brewer Drive
* Una Recreation Center, 136 Una Recreation Rd.
* Former Lakewood City Hall Building, 3401 Old Hickory Blvd. in Old Hickory
Almost 18,000 Christmas trees are recycled each year through the drop-off program, according to the city of Nashville.

Natural brown mulch, made from Christmas trees and yard brush, is sold at the Bordeaux facility for $11 a cubic yard. The facility is open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. No mulch is sold after noon on Saturdays.
 call 862-8640 or visit www.nashville.gov/pw.









Here's where to see the very best Holiday Lights!

Here's the list, with addresses, of this year's entries in the Metro Holiday Lights contest.
Click HERE to map them out for yourself!

"Should old acquaintance be forgot...?" HERE is a list of all the famous people who passed in 2012. Have we forgotten anyone?




Have you seen their new Christmas video? You are warned. CLICK HERE if you dare.

 THIS IS THE FEEL GOOD STORY OF THE DAY… MAYBE THE DECADE...Unidentified dude is a disabled veteran who was homeless only a year ago but finally started to get benefits, so things are better for him now. And he just wanted to pay it forward. Hence, he went down to the electric utility's office (in Stockbridge Georgia) and hearing someone talk about being unable to pay, paid 15-20 other people's power bills in cash, $1,500 worth. That's not all. When the man heard that one woman’s power was cut off, he paid her entire bill to get the lights turned back on. He then gave her more cash to feed her children. Clerks at the utility office were in tears.   


We are so proud of all our Middle Tennessee students, but this one is making national news as perhaps the most famous middle schooler in the country this week! Click HERE to see the story of this young man from Brentwood.




Maria Von Underwood!

It sounds like mighty big gulp for a relative novice, but Carrie Underwood has been signed to play arguably the most-beloved nanny in the history of entertainment – in the most beloved musical of all time. 

The country-singing fourth season American Idol winner, 29, will play Maria von Trapp in next year's live TV broadcast of Rodgers and Hammerstein's The Sound of Music, it was announced Friday. 

"Speaking for everyone at NBC, we couldn't be happier to have the gifted Carrie Underwood take up the mantle of the great Maria von Trapp," said Robert Greenblatt, chairman of NBC Entertainment, which plans to air the three-hour show (based on the original Broadway version) sometime around the holiday season a year from now. 

"She was an iconic woman who will now be played by an iconic artist," Greenblatt said in a statement, referring to von Trapp – who was first immortalized on Broadway in 1960 by Mary Martin, then in the Oscar-winning 1965 Best Picture of the Year by Julie Andrews. 

Underwood's previous acting credits were roles on TV's How I Met Your Mother, as the love interest of Ted (Josh Radnor), and, in her film debut last year, as a church leader in Soul Surfer, a coolly-received feature about real-life shark victim Bethany Hamilton. 

No word yet on who'll play the dashing captain with the whistle.



Can you tell these cats apart? Kim Leslie couldn't. She picked one up near her home thinking "Sam" had gotten out, but when she got home, Sam was sitting in the sun on the back porch. Whoops! Can YOU tell the difference? Which one is the stray, and which one is Kim's 20-year-old cat? Scroll down to see if you're right!




The friendly stray kitty is on the left, Sam is on the right.