5 Subtle Ways to Drop Engagement Ring Hints to Your Guy!

You might be that one that is ready for him to pop the big question and your even at the point of dropping hints on the subjects! Well, how about 5 subtle ways to drop engagement ring hints to your guy!

1. The Subtle Social Hint
Get a Pinterest board and then subtly let him know that you have photos of your dream engagement ring on there by leaving the page up on your browser. He will be snooping in no time.

2. The Celebrity Commentary
With so many celebs getting engaged (and posting their rings on Instagram), it's easier than ever to show him a picture of the ring you want - all under the guise of keeping up with pop culture: "Did see that George Clooney finally got engaged? That emerald -cut diamond is beyond gorgeous."

3. The Friendly Feedback
When your friends get engaged, discuss with your guy what you like or don't like about their rings. For example, you may say, "Ted did such a good job picking out that ring! I just love the halo setting." Or conversely, you could offer up suggestions along the lines of: "Laura's round solitaire totally suits her but I'm not crazy about it. You know me: I'd much prefer something vintage."

4. The "What-If" Window Shopping
The next time you're out shopping with your boyfriend, pause in front of your local jewelry store and just "take a peek" at the displays. Just point out what you like and then move on. Your man will definitely be taking mental notes.

5. The Trusty Friend Tactic
If you've already had "the talk" with your guy, then it's time to enlist the help of your best friend. Let her know what you like so she can help guide him to the right choice. Most guys still want the proposal to be a surprise, even if they've already discussed getting married. So let him do the shopping himself, but he'll feel a lot more confident with his choice if he knows he's on the right track.