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Save Your Skin This Summer!

Dr. Deborah Sherman discusses the damage that typical summertime activities can do to skin, what's really needed for basic skin care, and explains some of the newest services to improve the appearance of sun or weather-damaged skin, including both preventative and corrective measures.  To learn more, visit ShermanAestheticCenter.com.


Tornado and Severe Weather Preparation

Did you know that Middle Tennessee is in what's called "Killer Tornado Alley"?!  With this year's record-breaking storm season, it's no surprise.  Larry Vannozzi, Meteorologist with the National Weather Service will tell you about when tornadoes are most likely to strike, how to prepare your home, what to do if you're caught out in one, as well as how to get weather alerts, and the differences between a watch and a warning.  This show could literally save your life!  For more, visit Weather.gov.

Skin Cancer Awareness Month

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month.  Fact: 75% of skin cancer deaths are melanoma related cancers, of which the main contributor is ultraviolet light, a.k.a. the sun.   Thankfully, these type of cancers are also the most preventable.  Dr.

Scott MacIntyre

Continuing last week's program on services for the blind, Scott MacIntyre, 2009 American Idol finalist and recording artist talks about the unique challenges he faces as a visually impaired performer and how he's overcome them, plus shares stories and performances from his amazing run on American Idol, his debut album, and first solo tour.  For more on Scott McIntyre, visit ScottMacIntyre.com.


Services for the Blind

Can you imagine what your life would be like without being able to see the world around you?  For many in the Nashville area, that world is a reality.  Terry Smith, Director of TN Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired discusses major contributing factors to blindness (yes, not everyone is simply born blind), what resources and technology is available to assist the visually impaired, and shares his own story of how he lost his own vision.  For more information, visit TN Services for the Blind and Visually

Stopping Invasive Plants

As the weather gets warmer, you might want to start sprucing up the yard, or get a garden going.  If that's your plan, forester Dwight Barnett from the TN Department of Agriculture will tell you what types of invasive plants you need to identify and how to kill them, how to test your soil and what you can add to it to promote growth, how to properly prune trees and bushes, and what plants you can buy that benefit wildlife and the surrounding environment.  For questions, you can call Dwight at 615-837-5552. 

Beyond the Gates Ministries

According to recent statistics, there are 4 widows for every 1 widower in the area, with an average monthly income of $451 or less.  Most are hardly making enough to get by, and what's worse is they have no one to turn to.  Beyond the Gates Ministries specializes in care for the widowed, providing meals, support, and a shoulder to cry on for those of any age who have lost a loved one.  Chaplin Nancy Smotherman talks about how ANYONE widowed, even by choice through divorce, can benefit from this organizations outreach. To learn more, email
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  • Cervical Cancer/HPV Awareness

    April is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, one of the most detectable and treatable cancers of all, and one that is impacting more and more people every year. Current statistics show that here in Tennessee, less than half of all woman get tested for cervical cancer, yet more than 20 million woman in the United States are infected with HPV, the virus that triggers cervical cancer, every year, often with little or no symptoms.

    The Japan-America Society of Tennessee

    With the recent tragedies unfolding in Japan, Focus talks to Leigh Wieland from the Japan-America Society of Tennessee, to find out a little more about our neighbors to the far East.  She'll tell you what their culture and education is like, how Japanese families in America are adjusting, and how you can lend support and donations to relief efforts in the wake of the tsunami.  To learn more, JASTN.com.


    Baptist Hospital and March of Dimes

    Baptist Hospital says its mission is to help everyone, not just with physical health, but emotional and mental health as well. This Focus will also fill you in about what role the hospital may have played in the life of a baby you love, and how you're helping save babies at Baptist when you support the March of Dimes. If you work with the Hispanic community, you also need to hear what Baptist is doing there.
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