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American Cancer Society: "Finishing the Fight"

Recent studies show that there has been a 20% decline in deaths from cancer since 1991, but that’s just the beginning.  As the American Cancer Society’s new slogan reads, we need to “finish the fight”.  Greg Broy, Associate Director of Communications and Marketing at the American Cancer Society, discusses risk factors that can contribute to any form of cancer like age, diet, smoking, and genetics, dispels some myths surrounding cancer and things like cell phones, underwire bras, etc., and reveals the 24 hour cancer support hotline for people who have been recently diagnosed, as we

Sound Forest

With Earth Day coming up on Monday, you might be wondering what you can do in your own back yard to help out the environment.  Thomas Solinsky, founder and Executive Director of Sound Forest, a non-profit offering sustainability consulting and ecosystem enhancement programs, explains how they planting more trees in the right areas can lower your energy bill, contribute to cleaner water supplies, and even reduce stress and some medical conditions.  He also explains how Sound Forest will tell you exactly what trees are best for your needs, and will even plant then FOR you, free of c

Donating Life, Making a Difference

April is Organ Donor Awareness Month.  Kim Kennedy from Donate Life TN says that Tennessee has a waiting list of over 2,100 people in need of organs or tissue, donations which statistically only about 1 in 10 of them will get. There is no cost to be a donor, and nearly everyone, regardless of age or certain health conditions, is eligible to donate.

Cervical Cancer / HPV Awareness

April is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, one of the most detectable and treatable cancers of all, and one that is impacting more and more people every year.

Proper Nutrition and Never Getting Sick

March is National Nutrition Month, and Tennessee Health Commissioner Dr.

TN Health Commissioner Dr. John Dreyzehner

March is National Nutrition Month, and according to recent statistics, a lot of us are struggling.  66% of the population is considered overweight or obese, and Tennessee currently ranks 39th of 50 in national health rankings.  Tennessee Health Commissioner Dr. John Dreyzehner says if you're having a hard time getting healthy, you are not alone; anyone can get healthy with the proper attitude.  Dr.

A Focus on Finances

In today's uncertain economic environment, it helps to be prepared.  Melissa Hammel, a Certified Financial Planner and Nationally Certified Counselor, joins us to talk about how to lay the groundwork for solid financial planning, and how to identify if you're in trouble.

March of Dimes and the Breakfast for Babies

In the state of Tennessee, about 30 babies are born prematurely every single day, and there will only be an explanation as to why for about half of them.  That's why March of Dimes, with their research funding, education outreach, and volunteer efforts are so important.  Tamara Currin, Program Services Director for March of Dimes, explains the biggest risk factors and warning signs of a premature birth, as well as a risky new trend of professionally induced early labor.  Amy and Bob Pate, this year's March of Dimes Ambassador Family, also share the story of their son, Hawkins

Planning for the "Sandwich Generation"

Over 71% of baby boomers still have a living parent in need of care, while taking care of themselves and often children as well.  This is called the "Sandwich Generation".  Van Cluck, CEO of the Blakeford senior living community discusses how to identify when an aging loved one is going through a lifestyle change, what senior living care options are out there and how to approach the topic, and what you should do to plan now for yourself. For more, visit FiftyForward.org or Blakeford.com.

Metro Nashville Public Works

What if there was a one-stop-shop for all the services you needed from the from the city?  Well, there is!  Gwen Hopkins and Don Reid from Metro Nashville Public Works explain how from trash collection, recycling, street sign and traffic light maintenance, mowing grass and trimming trees along roadways, roadside litter cleanup, pothole repair; Metro Nashville Public Works is responsible for all of it.  If you have a question, request, or complaint, simply call Public Works at 311, or find them online at Nashville.gov/Public

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