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Getting the Most Out of Your HVAC System

Mike Ward with Total HVAC talks about how to properly maintain your air conditioning unit to avoid a breakdown, what to look for when purchasing a unit or selecting a repair service, how to adjust your thermostat to save the most money AND the most energy, and why it's so important to use high quality air filters and to change them often.  For additional questions, contact Mike and his staff at 615-577-1777, and visit Total-HVAC.com.

Staying Cool and Avoiding Fires This Summer

Kim Lawson, Deputy Chief with the Nashville Fire Department shares tips on safety when grilling, the dangers of fireworks, advice for proper smoke alarm placement, and how to get one for free.  She also shares the warning signs of heat exhaustion, and gives advice on how to stay cool and hydrated, as well as which types of fires you can take care of yourself and which ones you'll want to call 911 for immediately.  For emergencies, call 911, for non-emergency concerns, call 862-8600.  

Keeping the Men in Your Life Healthy

June is Men's Health Month.  Men's health is an often ignored and downplayed topic in today's society, where men are often taught to suck it up and not complain about medical and mental issues they may be facing.  Dr.

Safe Travels and Great Grilling Tips

Avery Smith from Little Brothers Shell in Brentwood explains how to tune up your car for summer travel, including proper tire care and maintenance schedule, and Mike Prusinski, a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist, talks about the biggest scams being pulled on travelers these days, and how to avoid having your credit card information stolen while on vacation.  Valerie Bass from the TN Beef Industry Council also talks about tips for selecting, preparing, and storing the best meats for your grill this year, and shares tips on making the perfect burger.  

Wounded Warrior Project

Sgt Adam Widner explains how the Wounded Warrior Project, which provides programs and services to severely injured service members during the time between active duty and the transition to civilian life, is not only helping veterans get back on their feed financially and physically, but how allowing service men and women to connect with others who have been through the same experience can heal the mental and emotional wounds as well.  Adam shares his own personal story, as well as discusses the impact that battle, life in a third world country, separation from your comrades, and other

Planning Your Own Tennessee Adventure!

With today's economy, now more than ever people are opting for "stay-cations", and it just so happens that Tennessee is the perfect place for one.  Susan Whitaker, Commissioner of the TN Department of Tourist Development, talks about all the great attractions we have right here in our own back yard, from music festivals, to the historic TN Trails & Byways system, to the #1 visited park in

Summer Bugs and Poisons

Dr John Benitez from the TN Poison Center speaks about common poisonous or toxic plants that you may encounter outdoors this summer, how to properly treat poison ivy and other contact poisons, and safe procedures for eating wild, potentially harmful plants such as polk salad.  To learn more, visit TNPoisonCenter.org, and if you find yourself in a poison related emergency, call the Poison Hotline at 1-800-222-1222.  Professor Frank H

Increasing Asthma Awareness

May is Asthma Awareness Month.  Gail Bost with the American Lung Association of Tennessee talks about how asthma is more common now than ever, having increased over 200% in the last 20 years, explains what happens to the body when you have an asthma attack, dispels the myth that asthma is only common in children, and explains some risk factors.  She also addresses other lung related dise

Avoiding Summertime Injuries for Children

School’s out, the weather is heating up, and kids are out at play, which means more cuts, scrapes, and breaks are just a moment away.  Dr.

NAMI of Davidson County

1 in 4 Americans have been diagnosed with some sort of mental illness.  Robin Nobling, the Executive Director at NAMI of Davidson County, the local branch of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, says that mental illness knows no boundaries of age, gender, income, or race, and that everyone has their own mental troubles; the point where it crosses over to illness is all about how you cope with it.  Robin says what makes mental illness so hard to deal with is that the patient’s mind is giving them the signal that what they’re experiencing is normal; it’s only the friends and lov

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