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GRAMMY NOMINEES. Who are YOU picking?

Joshua Tree is more than a U2 Album!

I headed for the desert for a few days! And hopefully headed AWAY from all the desserts!

I am visiting my Mama, who lives right down the street from Joshua Tree, California.

Did you know Joshua Tree is a National Park? One of the prettiest in the world

Click here to read more about it! See you next week!.

A MIX of Deer?

Is it just my neighborhood or are we inundated with DEER these days? This is just what I saw from my back door!


We Are Poets and We Know Its!

My Mom and I may live far apart, but we stay in touch. Even when there is nothing much going on, we have an ongoing poetry game going on. That may not seem like much fun to you, but my mother's mother was an award-winning poet and so is MY mom.

Celebrity Apprentice?

The full cast of NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice 5" outed themselves in New York Tuesday, as the new assemblage of competitors hit the mean streets to test their sandwich-making skills in what appeared to be a one of the show's competitions, Reality Blurred reported.

The Hills Are Alive with Relatives!

When I was a junior in high school, I had one of the highlights of my life when I was offered the role of Maria in a community theater production of "The Sound of Music."

I had always been active in musical theater, but this was the ultimate! I mean, my all-time favorite movie was "The Sound of Music." I used to run around the house singing all the songs witha pillow case on my head like a nun's habit.

Back to Sch... (WHACK!)

It's Mid-July!

Shouln't we be seeing BACK TO SCHOOL sales yet? WIth all the hulabaloo about when schools should start, it's hard to know just when "Back to School" Season is! Didn't we just finish a school year?

What was your favorite part of going back to school when you were younger? For me it wasn't so much the new outfit for the first day back to school. (Though that was fun, too!)

It wasn't the haircut.

Except for the Fat, Sugar, and Calories... it's PERFECT!

Looking for the World's Easiest and Yummirest Dessert?


Apple Caramel Cream Cheese Delight!

Soften Cream Cheese - Spread on plate. Sprinkle Heath bits all over.Drizzle Caramal (like the ice cream topping.) Serve with Apple Slices. Serve as dessert or with a meal as a tasty side dish. DELICIOUS! 

A Misde-cleaner!

If a stranger started cleaning up your property, 

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  • National Doughnut Day? Or it is "Donut?"

    Today, June 3, is National Donut Day! (Or do you spell it Doughnut?)

    Where is your FAVORITE donut place?

    What is your favorite kind?

    How many have you eaten in one sitting?

    What is the BEST beverage to drink with a donut?

    HERE is the LIFE OF A DONUT!

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