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Are you counting the seconds until Christmas?


Click on my photo to see exactly how far away it is!

Blah blah blah blah Delightful

Christmas Village!



I never miss Christmas Village at the Fairgrounds. Granted, it's a lot of the same stuff year after year. But I get to see my friend Wendy! It's our annual Girls Day Out!

Yes, we try to limit what we spend, but we always but Mama Lee's Hot Chocotate and something yummy like Kettle Corn!

Come join us!

Only 90's Kids Know These Phrases

Are you a child of the 90's? See how many of these phrases you used back then...

Typical Family Email

Hi Kimkat,  
I went to a drumming circle yesterday and it was good to get drumming again.

Another "ANNIE" Remake

"Annie" was a brilliant broadway musical, a darn good movie (Carol Burnette rules!) and even a pretty good remake of a movie made for TV (1999)  (Kathy Bates as Miss Hannigan), so do we need another one? Why not? This one looks like a quite different story, though I imagine the outcome is the same. "Annie" starring Jamie Foxx will be out around Christmas.  This is the first trailer, just released.

School is closed AGAIN?!


Day THREE of school being closed? In MARCH? Running out of patience?  Me too! Are you missing work? Yikes! Are the kids getting anything accomplished? How many hours of TV are they watching? How much game time?

Do you have snow day rules? For example, 30 minutes of game time for every 6 chapters read? Do they have chores when they are home and healthy?

How do you make this work?

We would love to get your take on this, HERE.

Does this Describe Your Toddler or Your Puppy?



Oscar Prop Bets

Whether you are having an Oscar party or it's just a party for one snuggled up in your bed with your favorite jammies, it's fun to play along with "Prop Bets." If you don't know, Prop Bets are like fun side bets about the Oscars that don't involve much about who wins. For example, "Will Ellen Degeneres wear a dress at any point in the show?" You pick YES or NO.

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