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ONE DIRECTION: THE TV SPECIAL Announced as Part of 'NBC Takeover'!

One Direction is taking over NBC Universal! On Wednesday, an “unprecedented” and “groundbreaking” partnership was announced between the boy band and the entertainment company.

5 Reasons to Serve Thanksgiving Buffet-Style!


1. No plating. When you’ve spent the better part of a day cooking, you don’t need an extra task to worry about. At a buffet, everyone can serve themselves, so you’re free to tend to the last-minute details in the kitchen. 

Taylor Swift Sings The National Anthem at 12!

I must say, Taylor Swift was a cute kid! I came across a video montage of Taylor at different ages with it wrapping up with a snippet of her singing the National Anthem at a 76ers game at the age of 12! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

Courtesy of Pintrest


Prince and His First Selfie!

Prince! Yep! I found where he not only took and posted his first selfie, but instead of using that silly iPhone, he used a real upscale 35 millimeter! Got to admit, the man still looks as good as he did when he hit the music scene many years ago. Would you agree?

Courtesy of Prince's Facebook

Robin Returns in Night at the Musem!

I have to tell you I’m glad that Robin Williams had some projects still out there that we can enjoy and one of those was the latest “Night at the Museum” film, Secret of the Tomb! Robin returns as Theodore Roosevelt and from the new trailer, the films looks good. Click the pic and enjoy the vid!


Mom-To-Be Surprises Dad With Emotional UP-Themed Pregnancy Announcement [VIDEO]

I really enjoy creative marriage proposals and baby announcements! Well, Erika Jackson created a really neat and emotional way of giving her husband, Jacob the news that their having a baby! She presented him with a framed print of the house from the movie “UP” with a very sweet poem on the back revealing the pregnancy. This one will need a tissue. Click on either pic below to see the actual video presentation!


Bird Imitates Laser Gun!

Being a Star Wars fan, I got such a huge kick out of this. I found a bird that can imitate a star wars laser blaster! Click the pic and enjoy!



NC Bride Surprises Groom With Wedding on Football Field [VIDEO]

This is so cool! Ian Roper is the assistant football coach at Swain County High school in North Carolina and he was blindsided big time by his, now wife, Robin with a complete wedding ceremony on the football field where the team just won a huge game! Well, it was all Ian could do to hold back the tears and found himself to be the luckiest man alive for having someone like Robin. Click the pic to enjoy the rest of the story and the video!

Cute Baby Video ALERT!!!

I’ve brought you many cute baby videos, but this one has to be right up at the top of the list! Dad captures babies’ first crawl, which is awesome enough! But, what happens right at the end of the vid is really, really, cute! Click the pic and enjoy all that cuteness!

Photo and video courtesy of You Tube



FRIENDS: Lisa Kudrow Wrote 'Smelly Cat' Melody Herself!

If you’re a Friends fan, you know this song!...(audio)… Yep! Smelly Cat by Phoebe, of course, played by actress, Lisa Kudrow! Well, I found out that Lisa actually wrote the melody to that song. She talked about it in a recent interview and mentioned that she had some help from Chrissie Hynde, lead singer of The Pretenders! If you want to relive that “Smelly Cat” moment, click the pic and enjoy the vid!

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