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Taylor Swift and Lorde Take Cooking Class Together [PIC]

I never found out what they were cooking, but I saw where Lorde and Taylor Swift were taking a cooking class together this week. Apparently, the girls have become really good friends and Taylor took to Instagram with pic of her, Lorde and their cooking with a special thanks to their chef. Click the pic for Taylor's Instagram page!

Hilarious Dog Hogs Ice Cream in Most Adorable Way [VIDEO]

Click the pic and enjoy this doggy vid!

Justin Timberlake's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

You may have seen or heard about these bucket challenges? Yeah! It’s where a celeb, athlete, and or regular citizen dumps a bucket of ice water over their head to raise money and awareness for ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease and then challenge others to do the same. Click the pic and enjoy the vid!


Man uses soda cans for fence in front of east Nashville home!

It’s pretty fascinating what people do sometimes. Let me introduce you to Glenn Woods! He lives on Carter Avenue in East Nashville and if you ride by, you’ll probably enjoy the fence in front of his home. It’s a makeshift fence made of soda cans. Very colorful, kind of cool of cool and Glenn was just having a bit of fun while new construction goes up near his home. Click the pic for the complete story from WKRN, Nashville's News 2!

15 Surprising Artists Without a #1 Album!

I found this strangely fascinating! I came across a list of 15 Surprising Artists without a number one album! I’m talking about folks like Sting, Cher, Tina Turner and several others that might surprise you too! Check it out!

Top 10 Wedding Trends of 2014!

Brides, Grooms, and Wedding Planners! Let these trends fill you minds with great ideas for your wedding!

Billy Joel Sings 'Uptown Girl' to Christie Brinkley at Madison Square Garden (VIDEO)

Enjoy Billy Joel rockin' the crowd, while serenading ex-wife, Christy Brinkley in the front row during a recent show at Madison Square Garden! Awesome! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!


6-year-old shames thieves with sign, helps police find stolen bike!

After a father's road bikes, worth thousands of dollars, were stolen from his garage, his 6-year-old daughter went into action! Rob Thompson filed a police report while his daughter, Roxy used her savings from her piggy bank to draw up a sign to publicly display and shame the bike thieves!

Taylor Swift Posts New Cryptic Clue About Upcoming Release!

Taylor Swift has released cryptic clue #2 regarding an upcoming release. If you’re a Taylor fan or just love puzzles and riddles, you’ll love playing along and you might just figure out what new material might be headed out way. I have the new clue Ms. Swift below. Enjoy!

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