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5 Ways Winter May Be Aging You!

I was having a conversation with my wife the other day as she put some of that moisturizing lotion on her hands and she mentioned how winter time can age you. So, I thought I'd pass these points onto you.

Smart Bed for Kids Knows When They're Awake, Keeps Monsters Away!

How about a smart bed for your kids? It’s a bed that knows when your kids are sleeping and when they’re awake, but it’s not as weird as it sounds! The bed, which is equipped with tiny hidden sensors, uses digital-signal capture within the mattress and processing techniques to determine your kid’s SleepIQ score in the morning and you can track on an App on your phones! Click the pic and find out more!

Here's When All Your Favorite TV Shows Premiere In 2015!

I’m so glad my shows are coming back this week. I was about to go into withdrawal! At my house, we DVR most of our favorite shows and either catch up the next day or on the weekends! Well, I found the dates that all mine and your shows return! Read below:

Teen Hero!!!

This is a great story! Click the pic and enjoy!

Photo and story courtesy of WKRN, Nashville's News 2

Caleb Martin


5 Things That Could Cost Less in 2015!

While it sometimes seems the prices of everything just keep going up, here are a few things that may actually cost less in 2015.


Wall of Morton Salt building collapses, cars buried in salt!

How about a little salt with your car! Did you hear about this? Earlier this week. A storage facility that stores tons of Morton Salt had a wall collapse covering serval cars in salt at an auto dealership next door! It’s quite a sight! Click the pic and get the whole story along with video and pics!


Idina Menzel Slammed for Botching 'Let It Go' High Note on Rockin' New Year's Eve [VIDEO]

From the “In case you missed it” file, Idina Menzel was on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, where she performed. Of course, “Let It Go” and she did a pretty good job right up until the end. Click the pic and check out the vid!

18 Offbeat Holidays to Celebrate in January!

It’s a New Year, which means 12 new months to observe some offbeat, obscure and just plain odd holidays. Like these!

January 3rd: Fruitcake Toss Day
Although it may sound like a culinary Olympic event, Fruitcake Toss Day just marks the time when it is finally socially acceptable to trash all of the holiday fruitcakes you received. If you choose to turn the event into a throwing contest, make sure to have paper towels handy.


Texas Man Claims 1978 Time Capsule He Left in California Home!

I’ve always thought it was cool to make a time capsule! So, that makes this even cooler! Robert Wright made a time capsule in 1978 as his dad was putting up paneling. Along with some coins, newspaper clippings, and a McDonald’s scratch off game ticket, Robert left a note. Fast-forward 30 years and the capsule was found! Click the pic and enjoy the rest of the story!

Courtesy of Yahoo News

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