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Into The Woods (Movie Trailer)

Johnny Depp will be the Big Bad Wolf for the holidays, literally! A new movie is headed our way called Into the Woods starring Mr. Depp as the wolf and Meryl Streep as a witch conspiring to teach important lessons to various characters of popular children's stories including Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk and Rapunzel! It hits theaters Christmas Day! Click the pic and enjoy the movie trailer!

Courtesy of Disney

Tennessee toddler rescued from inside arcade game!

I found this in the Daily Times out of Maryville Tennessee about this little fella by the name of Colin Lambert, He’s almost 2 years old and he was hanging out with his grandma at their local Laundromat! Well, being a curious kid, Colin spotted one of those arcade claw machines and went to check it out. Great story and to see more, click the link and enjoy a really cute pic of Colin! :)

Story and photos courtesy of Daily Times, Maryville TN

Good Samaritan Motorcyclist! (WATCH)

I constantly come across really cool videos to pass onto you. But, I would have to say this one really takes the prize. Click the pic and enjoy this adventure!


53 Fascinating Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Disney Films!

The family and I are big time Disney fans. So, I thought it was pretty cool to come across these fascinating facts about Disney films. Enjoy!

1. Anna (Frozen) is the first Disney princess to have a duet with a villain.

2. Yen Sid, the sorcerer in Fantasia, is just "Disney" spelled backwards.

Kelly Clarkson Performs Sam Smith 'Stay With Me' Cover at First Concert Since Giving Birth [VIDEO]

Well, it looks like Kelly Clarkson is officially off maternity leave and back on the job! She covered Sam Smith’s Stay with Me at her first concert since giving birth to her sweet daughter, River Rose! And of course she totally rocked that tune! Click the pic and enjoy the vid courtesy of YouTube!

Hotel Offers New $1 Million Wedding Package—What Do You Get?

I’m not a millionaire, but I think we like to see how the other half live from time to time. So, with some help from Yahoo Travel,  I found out that a $1 Million dollar wedding package will get you a wedding fit for Beyonce! Like a private yacht, five-star chefs, professional photography, premier florists, and Hollywood makeup artists. Oh, and we can’t forget a team of top designers to fit you for the dress of your dreams! Also, your 125 guests will be treated like A-Listers as well!

Yahoo's List of Most Searched for Halloween Costumes!


Everyone’s grabbing up their Halloween attire for parties and handing out candy to our little trick or treaters! Well, I wanted to find out what costumes were trending this year and what better place than Yahoo. I found their list of 20 most searched for Halloween costumes!

Now trending on Yahoo:

See the Dog Who Took Over a TV Weatherman's Forecast!

I just saw a dog taker over a TV weather forecast! No joke! The weatherman was trying to do a really cool thing and show off a dog for adoption when the dog took over jumping on the weatherman and eventually breaking the leash his was on. A very funny moment! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

Photo courtesy of

10 Ways Halloween Has Changed!

Halloween has changed a good bit since I was a kid. How about you? Well, I found 10 ways Halloween has changed! Check it out and campare notes!

Courtesy of CTV News

1. Decor overload

Amazing Halloween House

Goliath Bird Eating Spider! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! (Creepy laugh here)

I’ve never see tarantula as big and as creep as this! So, in our countdown to Halloween, we’ll definitely out this on our “Creepy” list! It’s a Goliath Bird Eating Spider and I actually have video of this spider that actually eats mice, frogs, lizards, and yes, birds! Click the pic and see the creepy vid, if you dare...

Video courtesy of Deadly 60

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