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Ed Sheeran Planning a Campus Takeover at One Lucky School!

Ed Sheeran is heading back to school and it could be yours! This is cool! Ed has partnered up with Chegg, the Student Hub, to give one lucky American college or high school the opportunity to have him visit their campus for a day.  Ed will show up on the winning campus and take over a music class to share his experiences in the music industry. He’ll perform a live acoustic set, and also explain the process behind some of his hit songs. So, he’ll provide musical entertainment and education! Click the pic to get mor info!

Bacon Can Help Treat 3 Illnesses!

I have to think that bacon is its own food group! Love me some bacon! But, what I didn’t know is that bacon can be used to treat some illnesses. In fact, three different illnesses! So, enjoy that heavenly taste, while treating what ails ya! Click that wonderful pic below to find out more!

Tennessee’s Most Popular Baby Names for 2014!

We have 5 kids… 2 girls, Jessica and Erin, our son Ryan, and our twin boys Riley and Collin. Well, every time we found out we were expecting, we always enjoyed coming up with a name for the baby. And I found the list of Tennessee’s most popular baby names by girl and boy.


Top girl's names:

1. Emma

2. Ava

2015 Oscar Nominations!!!

The Oscar nominations were announced today and while it’s a little boring just to sit through names being called out, but I kind of enjoy it cause I’m sitting there thinking about who stands the best chance winning and I start picking favorites!

Best Picture:
American Sniper
The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Imitation Game
The Theory of Everything

Maroon 5 Unveil Wedding-Crashing Video for 'Sugar' [VIDEO]

SO COOL! Adam Levine and his bandmates in Maroon 5 are now, officially, “Wedding Crashers”! Yep! This is so cool! They put together a music video for their new release called “Sugar” and it’s basically them going around crashing different wedding receptions and it’s for real. The reactions from the brides are priceless. Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

12 Reasons We Can't Imagine a World Without Shopping Malls!

See if these list of reasons stack up for You!

1.They encourage family bonding.

Even families that get on each other's last nerve can agree that a little retail therapy does wonders.


2. They were the best after-school hang out.

SPY: Watch Melissa McCarthy Become Secret Agent in New Trailer [VIDEO]

I love a good spy movie. Always enjoy James Bond and stuff like that. Well, how about this spy movie called simply, “Spy”! It stars Melissa McCarthy as an unassuming CIA analyst and unsung hero behind the Agency’s most dangerous mission! This one also stars, Jude Law. The first trailer has come out and it looks fun and funny! Clint will have more in his movie reviews soon. But, click the pic and check out the trailer for yourself!

Taylor Swift Overwhelms Fan With $1,989 For Student Loans, Amazing Gifts [VIDEO]

Taylor Swift is at it again! Making her fans feel good! In fact making her fan Rebekah feel awesome! You may remember, Taylor sent out several gift packages to fans at Christmas. Well, she didn’t stop there. She sent out a really nice package to fan girl Rebekah! Click the pic and enjoy Rebekah's aweosme moment!

'One in a Million' Set of Identical Triplets Born [PICS]

A BIG congrats going out to Jody and Jase Kinsey on their new additions, Cade, Ian, and Milo! Yep! Triplets! What’s wild about this is this it’s a one in a million phenomenon to spontaneously have identical triplets and the best news is they were born healthy and they join their big brother Jax! Click the link below for pics and more!

Kelly Clarkson Alvum Update: New Producer Hard at Work!

I have for you another Kelly Clarkson album update! You probably already know about her officially releasing her first single, “Heartbeat Song” Well, I also found out that Kelly’s album out later this year will be called “Piece by Piece”. Oh and Kelly also instagrammed an adorable snap of her “new producer” hard at work in the studio. Click the pic to Kelly's Instagram page and enjoy!

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