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2-Year-Old Lip Syncs to Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' in Her Car Seat [VIDEO]

Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” is the gift that just keeps on giving! You have to see this! I found a video of this adorable 2 year old girl in her car seat lip syncing to the Taylor’s mega hit and she really rockin’ it! Click the pic and enjoy the cuteness!

Target Launches New Plus-Size Line, Partners With Former Brand Protestor [VIDEO]

On a rather personal note, my wife and I both are overweight and working hard every day to lose weight! Well, the challenge she’s faced for a number of years has been shopping for plus size clothing. Not a lot of outlets carry them! So, we were pleased to find out that after some controversy, one of our favorite places to shop, which is Target, is launching the Ava & Viv, plus size collection and the wild part, is they’re partnering with a Target shopper who once boycotted the brand! So, this is very cool and I even have a video they produced about the clothing line!

Texas Police Officer Has His Own Girlfriend Pulled Over So He Can Propose!

I never pass up sharing an one of those well done, elaborate marriage proposals! Like this one out of Galveston Texas! Police officer Gregory Parris has a patrol team pullover his girlfriend, Sarah so he could propose to her! This whole thing rocked and of course, you can click the pic and enjoy the vid!

Oreo Unveils New Red Velvet Flavor Cookie!

I’ve made no secrets about my love for Oreo Cookies! Well, they have announced their new Red Velvet cookie! Now, before you get all happy, the cookie is dyed dark red and is filled with a cream cheese flavored center! Personally, I’m excited about it because I love red velvet cake and the new cookie hits stores February 2nd. But, if you don’t want to wait, I have a link on my page that can set you up to try the cookie early. Click the pic and get signed up!

Woman Fakes Her Own Death to Break Up With a Bad Date!

I would say things are pretty bad when you fake your own death to break up with a bad date! But, that is what Ann Gray did. She met this guy through an online dating service and after the 3rd date, she decided it wasn’t going to work out. Well, he would accept that. So, Ann got disparate and decided to act like her sister in a text and pretend that she is sick and eventually dies. Click the pic below for more!

5 Ways to Make the Most of a Slow Week at Work!

There always seems to be some slow or downtime at work right after the first of the year and depending on where you work and what you do, there’s not a lot to do. So, I thought I would offer you 5 ways to make the most of a slow week at work! Like:


Let me introduce you to Rob! He’s a delivery guy in Ann Arbor, Michigan who recently delivered pizza to a conference of real estate agents who gathered for a regional conference, but decided to surprise the delivery guy, Rob with a tip of $2,000 bucks! They wanted to deliver to Rob a random act of kindness in the form of a massive tip for which they had all pitched in. Click the pic and enjoy this awesome vid!

Ed Sheeran Planning a Campus Takeover at One Lucky School!

Ed Sheeran is heading back to school and it could be yours! This is cool! Ed has partnered up with Chegg, the Student Hub, to give one lucky American college or high school the opportunity to have him visit their campus for a day.  Ed will show up on the winning campus and take over a music class to share his experiences in the music industry. He’ll perform a live acoustic set, and also explain the process behind some of his hit songs. So, he’ll provide musical entertainment and education! Click the pic to get mor info!

Bacon Can Help Treat 3 Illnesses!

I have to think that bacon is its own food group! Love me some bacon! But, what I didn’t know is that bacon can be used to treat some illnesses. In fact, three different illnesses! So, enjoy that heavenly taste, while treating what ails ya! Click that wonderful pic below to find out more!

Tennessee’s Most Popular Baby Names for 2014!

We have 5 kids… 2 girls, Jessica and Erin, our son Ryan, and our twin boys Riley and Collin. Well, every time we found out we were expecting, we always enjoyed coming up with a name for the baby. And I found the list of Tennessee’s most popular baby names by girl and boy.


Top girl's names:

1. Emma

2. Ava

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