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Little Girl Freaks Out After Dad Shaves His Beard!

A prank that backfired on dad! Click the pic and see!


5 Must-Have Apps for Every Bride-to-Be!

Avoid becoming a Bridezilla with these wedding planning apps that will help with every detail from budget management to finding your perfect dress.

1) Pronovias

Coca-Cola is bringing back SURGE soda because the internet!

If you were into the 90s, than you knew about and probably enjoyed the drink, SURGE! Well, guess what? Thanks to a huge internet campaigned, SURGE is Back! That fully-loaded citrus soda with carbos! Now I’m told you can only get it through Amazon, but hey, if that was your drink back in the day, that day has returned. In fact I just posted an old SURGE commercial from 1997! Click the pic and enjoy!

Weird Things All Couples Fight About [VIDEO]

It’s amazing how often my wife and I will argue about the smallest things. Like not folding the towels right, the toilet paper roll, picking a place to eat and on and on. You’ll probably relate to most of, if not, all of it! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

Maroon 5 Covers 'Happy' on British Radio!

This is cool! Check this out!..(audio)… It’s Adam Levine and Marroon 5 on BBC Radio doing a laid back, kind of sad version of “Happy” in honor of Adam’s new colleague on the voice, Pharell Williams! I’m loving this and you might too. Click the pic and enjoy the vid!


Time lapse video covers 10 years at 9/11 memorial...

if there is one thing I’ll never forget is 9/11 2001! I still remember where I was, what I was doing and then I find out later that my cousin Dawn worked in tower two and got out just before it collapsed! So, this day will always be in my heart. Well, I thought you might like to see this. It’s a 10 year time-lapse video of the 9/11 Memorial and its’ extremely fascinating. Click the pic and take it in...

Video and photo courtesy of Earth Cam

The Insanely Large Paychecks of 19 TV Personalities!

This is what I call stupid money. I found a list of the highest paid TV personalities and it’s insane!

[TIE] 17. Chelsea Handler: $10 million


See the First Pictures of Affleck's Batmobile on Set of BATMAN V SUPERMAN [PICS]

Mom get the super heroes in the house to your phone, tablet, or computer to see what looks to be the first glimpses of the new bat mobile from the upcoming movie “Batman V Superman-Dawn of Justice”! They were filming recently in Detroit and the car looks awesome! Click the pic and see the ride!

10 Things to Know About Apple's New iPhone 6!

The iPhone 6 was finally unveiled Tuesday during Apple’s highly anticipated product announcement. Tim Cook first unveiled the iPhone 6—featuring bigger screens, a digital wallet, better cameras, among other features—before unveiling the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch won’t be out until next year, but the iPhone 6 is coming this month.

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