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Justin Timberlake & 25,000 Fans Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Autistic 8-Year-Old!

JT is up to more good! I love this! At a recent concert, he sang happy birthday to an 8 year old autistic boy named Julian! Talk about a great moment and just more of the coolness we know as Justin Timberlake! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

Justin Timberlake Autistic Fan

Katy Perry Gets Her Nose Pierced [VIDEO]

Click the pic to see the vid Katy's Piercing!

The Top 10 Friendliest cities in the United States!

Like this list! My two favorite cities are in it! Nashville and Savannah and if I could I would switch their ranking! Enjoy!

10. Asheville, North Carolina

9. Nashville

8. Key West, Florida

7. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

6. Fort Worth, Texas

5. New Orleans

Adidas Releases Mud-Splattered Sneaker [PIC]

Adidas is putting mud splatter shoe on the market. Yep! That’s how the shoe is designed! They say it’s good for runners who get in the mud and it makes their show look cleaner. The price tag, $175 bucks! No thanks! I can spend 20 bucks for a pair sneakers and have my boys get in the mud for me! Check out the new shoe! What do you think?

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 4.21.35 PM

Looks Like a Huge Goldfish!

It looks like this guy caught a humongous gold fish! Hey mom, you’ve got to show the kids this! The fisherman is Joe Ludlow and he caught what is called an Opah! A rare fish that weighed in at 181 pounds, which is 18 pounds heavier than the current record and honestly, I’ve never seen this kind of fish before! Click the pic for the full story and more pics!

Atlanta TV Sports Anchor References 20 Robin Williams Movies in Report [VIDEO]

There are tributes still going out to the late Robin Williams, but I would call this pretty unique! Zack Klein is the head sports anchor in Atlanta at WSBTV and in one of his sportscasts this week, he referenced 20 of Robin’s movies or titles and did it very well…(audio)… That’s just a taste and the full video is on my page at Mix 929 dot com! 

Taylor Swift and Lorde Take Cooking Class Together [PIC]

I never found out what they were cooking, but I saw where Lorde and Taylor Swift were taking a cooking class together this week. Apparently, the girls have become really good friends and Taylor took to Instagram with pic of her, Lorde and their cooking with a special thanks to their chef. Click the pic for Taylor's Instagram page!

Hilarious Dog Hogs Ice Cream in Most Adorable Way [VIDEO]

Click the pic and enjoy this doggy vid!

Justin Timberlake's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

You may have seen or heard about these bucket challenges? Yeah! It’s where a celeb, athlete, and or regular citizen dumps a bucket of ice water over their head to raise money and awareness for ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease and then challenge others to do the same. Click the pic and enjoy the vid!


Man uses soda cans for fence in front of east Nashville home!

It’s pretty fascinating what people do sometimes. Let me introduce you to Glenn Woods! He lives on Carter Avenue in East Nashville and if you ride by, you’ll probably enjoy the fence in front of his home. It’s a makeshift fence made of soda cans. Very colorful, kind of cool of cool and Glenn was just having a bit of fun while new construction goes up near his home. Click the pic for the complete story from WKRN, Nashville's News 2!

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