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How about some “cow art”? Well, a farmer has become a YouTube celebrity by turning cow herding into an art form. Derek Klingenberg from Kansas manipulated his cattle into the shape of a smiley face and used a drone to film it from above. It’s actually amazing and if you don’t want to sit through the entire 9 minutes of video, click the pic and take the video 5 minutes in and enjoy!

Two squirts of Sprayable Sleep will help insomniacs catch some zzzs

anyone with sleep issues like myself need some help drifting off to dream. Well, you may find this strange or gimmicky, but I came across what is called sprayable sleep! Yep! Two squirts of sprayable sleep, which is all natural by the way, can help you get that good night sleep you need like tonight after the big game and having to face a new week! Click the pic and enjoy the link!

5 Reasons Why You Need Women at Your Big Gamel Party

I know from being here in Nashville long enough that there are plenty of female football fans! Which reinforces why you need women at your Big Game party! In fact, I came across 5 good reasons like:

1. Women Like Hosting

Adorable Toddler Tries to Stop Words from Leaving News Ticker [VIDEO]

This kid is absolutely adorable! You know those news tickers at the bottom of your TV that run across the screen during news casts? Well, this kid doesn’t want the ticket to go off the screen. He’s trying to stop it and it’s a definite must see video. Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

Cops Arrest Pizza Delivery Guy, Then Deliver His Pizza!

I’m not crazy about a pizza delivery driver being arrested on drug charges, but it is cool what the cops did next! The pizza guy was en route to deliver a customer their pizza when he was taken into custody by some Illinois police. Well, seeing that this large pizza sitting in the passenger seat had no means of reaching its destination, an officer delivered the pizza to the specified address. Then they posted on their Facebook page a Pizza Police badge. So, kudos to the cops for their great work! Pizza badge below!

PplKpr: People Keeper App Tells You Which Friends Are Bad for You [VIDEO]

Just when I thought there was an APP for everything, a new APP comes along and when I first heard about this one, I thought it was a prank! It’s called the People Keeper and they actually spell it like P-p-IK-pr. It was developed by a couple of art students and it connects through Facebook and needs a heartrate band to work. It monitors your body's response when you're hanging with certain friends. In a word, fascinating. Click the pic, check out the vid and get more info!

Caution: video contains some adult language

New Kind of Coffee Is Designed to Make You Sleepy!

You can now have your coffee in the evening and still get a good night’s sleep! It’s called Counting Sheep Coffee and instead of Caffeine, it has valerian root, which can naturally help you sleep! So, now a coffee you can drink without the wide awake infomercials at 3 o’clock in the morning! Click the pic and get more info.

Photo Courtesy of Counting Sheep Coffee

Seahawks Fan in Arizona Paints House and Lawn in Team Colors Before Super Bowl [PIC]

I thought I was one of those truly fanatical fans of my team! I’ll paint my face, throw on the wig and jersey, but this guy has me totally beat! Talking about superfan Ashtin Fitzwater! He’s a devout Seahawks fan! So big, he panted their logo on his lawn and his house in Seahawk’s colors! Great job too!

Photo courtesy of Twitter


Photographer, wife conspire to surprise husband with baby news during photo shoot!

I have to say that this is the, if not, one of the best birth announcements a wife has ever made to her husband! It happened with Camille and Kyle in a photo shoot for what they were told was a holiday card. Well, they were told to write notes to each other to hold up in the picture and what Camille wrote changed their lives foever. She’s having a baby! Click the link for more of this story with pics and have some tissue handy.

Kelly Clarkson Confirms March 3 Release for New Album, 'Piece by Piece' [VIDEO]

Kelly Clarkson has an official release date for her new album titled “Piece by Piece” featuring this tune, “Heartbeat Song”! The album drops March 3rd! So, definitely something to look forward to from the lovely Ms. Clarkson! In the meantime, click the pic and enjoy this lyric video for "Heartbeat Song"!

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