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Rainbow Admirer Almost Gets Hit by Lightning [VIDEO]

This guy caught a really nice rainbow on video! Oh! And a flash of lightening that almost hit him and some friends! Just so it doesn’t scare you as bad as it did me, the lightening hits about 11 seconds into this 13 second video! Click the pic and see the vid!

Firefighters Finish the Job!

A very touching story. Click HERE to see more on their Facebook page.


Hey mom! If you’re looking t getting the gamer in your house the new Madden 15 football game, they’ll probably think it’s cool because the game slings players way up in the air for no good reason! Yeah, apparently there's a glitch in the game that flings players around, makes guys run backwards on a kickoff, and quarterback throw after he’s sacked! It’s funny, but not if you waist $60 bucks on the game. Click the pic and see the video proof!

The Best Labor Day Weekend Shopping Deals!

As always, summer seems to pass in the blink of an eye, and now Labor Day is just around the corner. Here’s a little secret about Labor Day weekend: It’s a great time to shop. While it’s not traditionally considered a big shopping weekend, the unofficial close of summer offers some of the best discounts you’ll find all year. Here’s how you can take advantage of top Labor Day deals and how much you can expect to save.

He Survived!!!

Unbelievable!!! Click the pic and see this vid!


These painters only had one job to do and it was to paint the word “Bus Stop” on the street! Well, the painters managed to misspell the word 'bus' and instead painted "Bup stop" and mom, I was thinking… This would be a great opportunity to teach the kids a lesson of what can happen if you don’t study your spelling words!


Man spends 9 months making amazing Vine of wife's pregnancy!

This is Amazing! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!



Prince Releasing Two Albums on 9/30

Prince is releasing not one, but two albums on September 30th! One’s a solo album entitled “Art Official Age” and the other called Plectrum Electrum, features his band 3RDEYEGIRL.

Here are the albums' track listings:

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