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Harvard Students Invent Microwaveable Spray Cake in a Can [VIDEO]

Anything to make me look good in the kitchen is a plus like this invention by Harvard student, John McCallum, who has invented spray cake in a can! It works like whipped cream. You spray however much you want in a pan, microwave it for 60 seconds and voila! The families’ eating cake that you made! The spray cake will be available to us ASAP and I’ll be the first in line buying it! Click the pic and enjoy the video!

Custom Toasters Can Toast a Selfie on Bread [PICS]

If you are really into selfies, then why not try your selfie on toast! Yes, there is such a thing! You can now have a custom selfie toaster courtesy of the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation! They make toasters that can actually toast the image of your face right into the bread. Click the pic below and get more info. Great party favor!

Maroon 5 Reveals Track List and Cover for New Album 'V' [PIC]

I must say am liking Maroon 5’s new album art! They are releasing they’re 5th album entitled “V”! It looks cool, can’t wait for the album out September 2nd, and enjoy the artwok and tracklist below!

Here's the full track listing:

"It Was Always You"
"Unkiss Me"
"Leaving California"
"In Your Pocket"
"New Love"
"Coming Back For You"
"My Heart Is Open" ft. Gwen Stefani
B Sides:
"Sex and Candy"
"Lost Stars"

This Pediatrician Makes Getting Shots Fun!

And as much as I hate to admit this, I am an absolute wimp when it comes to getting a shot from the doctor. I can’t stand. So, I wish I had this doc when I need a shot! He’s a really cool pediatrician that makes getting shots fun. Click the pic and enjoy the vid!


Blue-colored red king crab caught off Nome!

This is definitely something to show the kids! Came across a photo of a Red King Crab that is actually the color blue! Yep! It’s a rare crab and looks like the fisherman holding it up for the pic spray painted it! Click the link below and enjoy the pic!


Volunteer with the Nashville Food Project in August!

And If you’ve ever been involved with a community outreach to help the homeless or feed the hungry, then you know how good it feels to be a part of something so great! I was a part of similar programs back in Atlanta and want to get involved here. I like the opportunity Hands on Nashville is offering. They need volunteers to grow, cook, and share food with Nashville’s homeless and hungry!

20 Tips for Marriage From a Couple Married 20 Years (10 Tips From Each)

The choice I’m most proud of in my life was one I made 20 years ago today when I walked down the aisle towards my best friend, confidant, and playmate.  We married after 4 years of dating, while living in separate residences, in a church in South Barrington, Illinois in front of family and friends.  On the day we took our vows, I don’t think we fully understood what it meant to love, honor, and cherish each other; when those concepts are put into practice it is really hard to give up all your ways of thinking.  Prior to marriage the focus is on self-preservation and self-actu

Stars on Guitars: The Story of artist Josephine Getz!

I love coming across stuff that’s really cool and unique like artist Josephine Getz in Franklin. She creates really cool mosaic art and why it’s so unique is she does it on guitars! She has created this beautiful art work and calls it Stars on Guitars! She’s, basically takes a new guitar and customizes it with tiles and mementos, and other trinkets and has done it for artists like Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Dolly Parton and many others and she does it to help support that artist’s favorite charity! Click the pic and find out more!

10 Pairs Of Shoes Every Woman Owns But Never Wears!

No matter how sensible and put-together you think you are, I guarantee that I could open your closet door and pull out several pairs of shoes that haven’t been worn in last six months. Just like those old bottles of nail polish that we desperately need to throw away, women tend to hoard shoes that have never seen the light of day.

Skydiver Drops 5000 Feet Onto Giant Waterslide [VIDEO]

This is amazing, but very dangerous! It’s a very well trained skydiver, who perfectly lands onto a giant slip and slide and it’s really cool. Talk about your summer fun! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!


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