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The Hilarious Challenge of Making Breakfast for Twin Toddlers [VIDEO]

It's the Twin Toddlers VS. Dad!!! Click the pic and see who wins!

Couple tips server $100 after poor service at Iowa restaurant!

We, normally, give good tips for good service, right? Well, recently, Makenzie and Steven Shultz were out celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary and stopped off at a restaurant! 20 minutes later, they finally get their drinks from a very kind server who was waiting on nearly every table due to understaffing. Well, Makenzie and Steven made the best of a bad situation, they got their bill and instead of being upset and complaining like others, they generously tipped the waiter $100 bucks with a note on the receipt that read. We've been in your shoes.

Middle School Team Pulls Off "Ugly Kardashian" Trick Play!

They call it the “Ugly Kardashian”! No! It’s not some weird or fancy mixed drink, it’s a trick play pulled off by Lewis and Clark Middle School in Missouri! Click the pic and see what this quarterback does! Awesome!


Taylor Swift: I Look Like Avicii [PIC]

Taylor Swift took to Instagram with a mash up of her face with Aviccii’s face and they look like twins separated at birth! Cool, creep, or both?

Avicii Taylor Swift

Check Out This Kitchen Island Made From Legos [PICS]

Mom! Gather the kids around the computer, tablet…etc… and show them this very cool kitchen island! A couple of designers took an Ikea kitchen island and cover it with Lego pieces of all shapes, sizes, and colors! About 20,000 pieces were used to create this awesome work of art!

11 Ways to Make Waiting in Line With Kids Easier!

Mom, I’m sure you know how tough it can be to wait in a very long line with young children! Been there, done that! Well, I found some help! It’s 11 ways to make waiting in line with kids easier! Enjoy!

Pharrell Williams' New G I R L Fragrance Now Available at Sephora!

Pharrell Williams has officially launched his first-ever fragrance, G I R L, which is a unisex line that everyone can enjoy. He calls his new fragrance super good in a video he put on his You Tube Channel. He also stated why people like it and it’s because it smells good! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin's Italian Wedding: All the Details!

Well! It’s now official! Clooney’s off the market! He and bride Amal Alamuddin tied the knot just after sunset this past Saturday in Venice Italy! Clooney and his blushing bride swapped vows on a podium in front of a large wall of white candles in the presence of more than 100 of their nearest and dearest, which included Cindy Crawford, Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Bono and many others. Click HERE or the pic get more deets on this beautiful event!

13 Childhood Foods We're Glad We Never Have to Eat Again!

There are certain things that just taste like childhood. An orange creamsicle reminds you of sweaty summer days, where you chased down the ice cream truck. A perfect bolognese reminds you of mom's home cooking. Or perhaps for you, it's a piece of a certain kind of pie or cake.

Bride makes own wedding dress for $30!

Having spent some time in the wedding industry, my wife and I have seen some serious cash get thrown down for the wedding dress. Talking thousands of bucks! Which is why this is very cool to me! A bride in Seattle made her own wedding dress for 30 bucks! It’s an amazing dress that she spent her daily 50 minute commute to work crocheting! This might help out a bride to be. Click the pic and enjoy the rest of the story!

Coutesy of Good Morning America and Nashville's News 2, WKRN

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