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Woman Accidentally Knocks Engagement Ring Out of Boyfriend's Hand Into Lake!

And boy do I feel for this girl! Her boyfriend planned a nice proposal to his girlfriend with all their friends on a paddle boat. But after he popped the question, she couldn’t contain her excitement. She softly hit him and sarcastically said, “Shut up.” But that soft nudge was all it took to knock the ring out of his hand and into the lake! Wow! Click the pic see thr horror!

5 'Little' Relationship Moments That Are Actually Huge!

There are some obvious relationship milestones that tell you when things are getting more serious, like when you meet the parents. But there are also some tiny moments that can actually be just as meaningful, and even more thrilling. So, I thought I’d share 5 little relationship moments that are actually huge! Like:

Kelly Clarkson Shares Lyrics of Song from Upcoming Album!

Kelly Clarkson is enjoying being a new mom, but she’s still into her music. In fact she’s working on a new album and recently tweeted out some of its lyrics!

Kelly tweeted, "The high road can be a lonely place but I'd rather talk to my shadow than a mirage."

3-Year-Old Adorably Accuses Parents of Taking Her Money [VIDEO]

And another very cute kid video came across my computer screen and I could resist! Check this out!...(audio)…This is 3 year old Nova and she’s discussing money with her dad and even accusing him of taking her money! Well, the conversation gets bigger and bigger and it’s completely adorable! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

Curious Cat Joins Humans in a Game of Mini Golf [VIDEO]

Curious cat decides to interrupt mini golf game. Click the pic and enjoy the cuteness!

10 Best Fall Foliage Trips in the US!

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Math teacher wins $1 million on Wheel of Fortune!

Congrats to Maryland math teacher, Sarah Manchester! This past week, Sarah became the third contestant to One Million dollar grand prize on Wheel of Fortune! She said it was a once in a lifetime event and that she was soaking up every minute of it! So awesome and if you missed the big win, click the pic and see the vid!

This Homecoming Queen Kicks Butt!!!

How cool would it be to be crowned Homecoming Queen and actually be one of the football players in the same game? Well, meet, Mary Kate Smith! She's both and she's awesome! Click the pic and enjoy the rest of her story!

Photo courtesy of Mary Kate Smith

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