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2 Clinique Gift Sets from Dillards and 4 Sarah McLachlan tickets!!!

We Got it!!!  The winner on trivia!!!


 The top three pet peeves in the bathroom are :

#3 Leaving dirty clothes on the bathroom floor

#2 toothpaste globs in the sink

What was #1?  

Low water pressure!!!!! 

I get that...there's nothing like a wimpy shower to wreck your day!  Win More Clinique gifts sets and Sarah McLachlan tickets tomorrow. :)

My favorite time!

Love it when you buy something and then you get a whole lot more free!  Last week I went to Clinique at Dillards.  It's bonus time!!!  Gorgeous cosmetics bag filled with goodies that you can customize to your own individual look.  I picked out the Tawnies those neutral shades on my eyes......

Family Movies

Family movies are not always an easy pick.  Sometimes they really don't seem like they are "family" at all.  Thankfully Nanny McPhee Returns delivers a nice dose of fun for all.  The adults and the kids all seemed to enjoy it.  (Harry Potter fans will also recognize a lot of the actors and actresses in this!)

Torture device...?

Who knew a trip to the orthodontist could be so hard on the Moms?  Yesterday my daughter had a "palate expander" installed.  This is not a very fun device and for the next 9 months we'll slowly turn the key so the device widens her upper palate.  She's doing pretty well.....

Does this junk really work?

I've always wondered about those "as seen on TV" products.  Juicers, scratch fixers...the perfect brownie...does this stuff really work?  Love this website where the products are actually tested!  http://


Not sure how I feel about the sanity of the person who got close enough to film this tornado.....

House projects.....

Mostly I love our house....but sometimes...not so much.  Like right now, the deck needs to be refinished...again....and all the trim is due for painting. ( Scraping and painting are maybe my two least favorite things on the to doing the dishes!)  So we the money and try to do some of it ourselves ....or hire someone else to do it.  Are we having fun yet?

75 rocks

We just got back from western New York State where a lot of my family lives.  The high was 75! air conditioning needed. Everybody enjoyed just hanging out...OUTSIDE!   Everything was so lush and green.  My daughter got to catch up with her cousins, me with my sisters and my Mom.  We grilled out, the kids had a sleepover, we caught crayfish in the creek...ahh summer.  Even with the heat, It's too short!

One more!

The school year is fast approaching...I'm not ready!  I like the summer vibe.  Summer camps, dinner at 8P..time to chill.  Maybe we need one more family road trip somewhere.  Maybe even with the that will be a true adventure!  I'm getting out the map and I'll let you know where we end up!

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