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Olympic fever!

Yes, it's almost over but what fun we have had!  I love the Olympics for way more reasons than athletics.  It has brought our family together to cheer...even when we already knew the outcome because we'd seen it online.  It brought us together to share in the stories...stories of parents who sacrificed, kids who gave up everything, countries that we never even thought of for years  We looked to the athletes of all different shapes and sizes to show us the best of the best.  I will miss the dinner time conversations, the online replays...and most of all that we

Toes in the Sand!

It's that time again!  The end of the school year when summer stretches out in front of you and everyone thinks of summer vacations.  Last year we skipped our beach vacation.

Spring fever!!!

One of my neighbors was out mowing their yard the other day and the smell of freshly cut grass came wafting through the neighborhood.  It was glorious!!  There isn't much to mow yet in my yard, but I actually thought about getting out the mower just so I could smell that spring like scent again.  Don't get me wrong, this was my favorite winter in a long time.  If they were all like this, I'd be good with that.  I grew up in the snow country of western New York state where we had 120" of snow every year.  I love Nashville.  That little dusting we had was pe

Thanks to you...

The holidays may be over but thank you for all the amazing comments about our Christmas music this year.  We had calls, emails, posts on our Facebook page and so many wonderful people took time to tell us how much they appreciated it.  I guess what makes it so special is how it warms our lives and gives us a connection to the past.  Thank you too for your hearty welcome as we returned to regular programming.  We're still the same Mix you know and love!  :)

Back to school....really?

"You'll turn around and it will be summer....then you'll turn around again and it will be Christmas..."  Words my mother used to say to me and I'd nod and's not that bad is it?  Yep it is!  This might have been the fastest summer ever and my daughter just went back to school...  :(  I miss summer homework...light that lasts until 8:30....the only thinkg I won't miss is the heat! 


This whole Cicada thing has not bothered me a bit...until this week!  What the heck?  They are swarming in mass numbers.  I drive I-65 every day and it's like a debris field.  My windshield is trashed with dead bugs on the way home.  Yesterday, one found its way into my car and as I was speeding down the interstate at 70+ mph....I looked down at my arm and there were two red eyes staring back at me.  I'm trying not to freak out on the interstate.    Good feeling gone....


I may be sneezing, but it's worth the trade.  Easter Eggs, the smell of fresh cut grass, blooming flowers and the wind down to another school year.  I love Spring!

Bonus time!

Love it when you can buy something and get something for free!  It's Clinique Bonus time at Dillards and the gift is awesome.  We'll have some to give away but if you can't wait, it's a $60.00 value with the purchase of $21.50 or more.  Worth it!

12:20 Trivia winner! Another $50 Visa card tomorrow :)

Q-A recent survey shows that 20% of people use this as their computer password.  What is it?  

A- Their favorite sports team!!!!!  (bet a coworker has a Titans or Preds in there somewhere!)

Way to Go Valorie!

Valorie Kadowaki got the trivia right! (Yes, she spells her name with an "o" in Val instead of an "e" :)    She knew you had a 24% less likely chance of getting divorced if you waited until you were 25 or older to get married. Nice job Val.  Enjoy the 8 Adventure Science Center passes with your family!

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