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It is here!!!!

Finally!  Something is actually in bloom.  My family lives in the North east part of the country.  They had 18 inches of snow March 29-30.  They are NOT happy!!!!  I am looking at spring out the window and a week in the 70's!  Yippeeeeeeee!

Wild swings

After all these years of living in Middle would think we would be used to crazy weather.  Not really! I can tell you that these 40-50 degree temperature swings always throw me.  You go to bed and it's 60 and you wake up and it's 25.  I'm kinda done with the cold for this year.  One good snow would be cool but it's no big deal.  Swing on up to 60 and stay there.  We're good with it!  

A Better 2014!

The first couple of months in any new year feels like a chance to start fresh.  I get crazy with ideas!  I want to clean stuff out, reorganize, get back on track with projects, set new goals.  I may not accomplish everything that I set out to do...but it is the actual process of taking your life apart and putting it back together, looking at each piece and deciding what to do with it that brings the benefit.  Making any improvement at all is progress, right?  Please remind me of this in February!!!!

Not a good look!

Richard Branson as a flight attendant!   You have to admit that this is a hysterical outfit...but he'll probably want to stick with the usual wardrobe.    :)

Ever Wonder Why?

Why does stuff break at the worst possible times??  It's the air conditioner that quits when it's 100 degrees...the heater that breaks when it's 10...(I've had both of those happen) ...or in my case this year...the lawnmower that quits when the grass is in nuclear growth mode.  I apologize in advance to the's going to be a jungle really fast.  I'm not even going to ask what's next...that never turns out the way you want it too!  :)

Missing last year....

Last year my family was here in March.  Everything was in bloom and the whole week was in the 70's.  Not that I am complaining....but can we please have that back?  :)  This spring has been a little less....well..."springy."  Before we rocket into the 80's...a few months of 60's and 70's would be awesome!  In the meantime...I will still be out standing in my yard...waiting! 

Growing up

I grew up in the northeast.  We spent our whole winter skiing and skating.  If you weren't out doing something would go stark raving mad being cooped up in the house all winter long.  What happened?  I wimped out!  The other day I was complaining about the cold temperatures when my Mom reminded me it had been below zero up there.  Oh yeah...30 degrees isn't so bad.  However, you will still hear me complaning until spring gets here.  I am ready the minute Christmas is over.  Fast forward to tulips please! 

More Great Music

I love it when we get calls and emails from listeners telling us how much they love Mix 92.9.  That makes my day!  As the Program Director, often times people ask me, "How do you guys pick the music?" Well...we don't! do!  Every year we survey hundreds of people in Middle Tennessee about thousands of songs and the ones you rate the best are the ones that get played!   Because your opinion is so important to us, you'll be able to do that online this year too.  We'll keep asking and you keep telling us.  That's what makes

Feeling better

I have a new appreciation for everything!  After what seemed like a regular cold...the last 4 weeks went from bronchitis and laryngitis into walking pneumonia.  It has not been fun.  I can tell you I have never experienced anything like this before and the cough was side splitting.  Thanks to all the poeple I love so much for their understanding.  I know there is a lot of stuff going around this year.  Be careful, do all the things you know you are supposed to do...wash hands, get rest, eat well.  My doctor's office was wonderful and they

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