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Feb 22, 2012

This week is Tennessee Severe Weather Awareness Week, and Mac Purdy, Director of the Williamson County Emergency Management Agency, says not to try and prepare for every individual disaster, but rather engage in "all hazards emergency management".  He explains why it's important to have emergency kits prepared for at work, at home, and in the car, and details what exactly needs to be in those kits, such as food, important documents, and first aid supplies.  He also talks about the value of emergency meeting locations for the family, as well as out-of-state points of contact, and h

Feb 15, 2012

Tennessee is now officially #1 in the nation for meth labs, as methamphetamine has been identified as the largest drug threat by most law enforcement professionals in the country.  Tommy Farmer, director of the Tennessee Meth Task Force explains how the manufacturing of meth impacts everyone, from the environmental hazards it imposes, to the chemical byproducts, the threat to children, and the laws put in place to curb access to vital ingredients.  He describes how the drug effects the human body, how you can spot a possible meth lab location, and what's being done to put a stop t

Feb 15, 2012

It's tax season again!  Dan Boone from the I.R.S. joins the program to tell you about what this year's changes are to the tax laws, when the deadline to file is, what deductions and credits you won't want to miss, including the Earned Income Tax Credit, how to spot scams such as email ID theft traps, and where to receive free tax preparation assistance.  He also introduces the new Fresh Start program, just introduced this year to assist people and small businesses paying their taxes in the bad economy.  To get tax forms, locate an I.R.S.

Feb 15, 2012

Winter can be hard on automobiles.  Frigid temperatures and icy roads can be a danger not only to your engine, but your personal safety as well.  Avery Smith, ASE certified mechanic at Little Brothers Shell, explains the importance of antifreeze and how often to change it, as well as what maintenance to perform regularly to avoid a breakdown.  Mark Cox, director of the Bridgestone Winter Driving School explains which tires are best for winter driving, how you can tell if you're about to hydroplane, and how to execute driving maneuvers that might help you avoid a crash. 

Jan 30, 2012

About 29% of employees will call in sick at some point this winter, and if you're one of them, you're probably trying anything you can to get better, and fast!  Dr.

Jan 30, 2012

January is National Braille Literacy Month.  Can you imagine what your life would be like without being able to see the world around you?  For many in the Nashville area, that world is a reality.  Terry Smith, Director of TN Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired discusses major contributing factors to blindness (yes, not everyone is simply born blind), what resources and technology is available to assist the visually impaired, and shares his own story of how he lost his own vision.

Jan 30, 2012

No matter what life changes you are resolving to take on in 2012, it is proper to have the right motivation, commitment, and belief in order to achieve anything. To conquer any obstacle, you must be able to look into yourself and see the potential that lies there for major positive growth. Dr. Mitch Johnson at the Nashville Center for Spiritual Living helps you learn how to become aware of your own needs and capacity to change and grow, through self-examination, evaluation of personal relationships, spiritual guidance, and goal setting.

Jan 5, 2012

January is National Blood Donor Month, and this week we take a look at donations of all varieties, with Kim Kennedy and Holly Isom from Donate Life TN. Tennessee has a waiting list of over 2,100 people in need of organs or tissue, donations which statistically only about 1 in 10 of them will get. There is no cost to be a donor, and nearly everyone, regardless of age or certain health conditions, is eligible to donate. Better yet, signing up takes less than 60 seconds.

Jan 3, 2012

One of the top New Year’s resolutions is to quit smoking. Margaret Smith of the American Lung Association of Tennessee addresses how smoking puts not only yourself, but other at risk, helpful tips to kick the habit, and what state and national governments are doing to help. To learn more, visit, and for help quitting smoking, visit


Dec 17, 2011

Especially at this season, what could be a greater gift for a child than to literally give them a home for the holidays?  That's exactly what Youth Villages is striving to do, providing foster care, transitional housing, and often adoptive home to kids in need.  You'll hear from Wendy Lunsford, head trainer and foster parent recruiter, about how children often arrive in these circumstances, why teenaged children are often overlooked, and how lending a hand now can produce even greater returns later in life.  Abby Bartron, a Mt.

Dec 7, 2011

Hearths all aglow, candles burning, round-the-clock cooking, stringing up lights left and right; around the holidays, there's more ways than you might realize to set things on fire!  Franklin Fire Marshall Andy King will teach you all about how to decorate safely to avoid fires, as well as how to develop an emergency plan for your family in the event of an accident.  And for more great safety tips and information, visit, and CLICK HERE.

Dec 1, 2011

The holidays can be a very stressful time, but that doesn't mean they have to get you down.  Clinical psychologist Katheryn Sherrod, PH.D. talks about how to quit being such a taskmaster with cooking and cleaning and ask for help when you need it, how to let go of self-image issues around the holidays, how to deal with continuing grief from losing a loved one this time of year, and how in terms of focusing attention and emotional support on others, giving can be better than receiving.  You can contact Dr.

Nov 21, 2011

November is National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month, bringing to the forefront the disease many refer to as "the long goodbye".  Tiffany Cloud-Mann from the Alzheimer’s Association’s Mid South chapter lists the warning signs of Alzheimer's, names some possible contributors to the disease, and explains the best ways to interact with those who have it.  Also, Donna Kumar and Rosemary Ramsay from the Council on Aging explain how they consolidate resources for caregivers as well as programs to assist seniors with everyday needs.  The Council on Aging is available at <a href=

Nov 18, 2011

November is Prematurity Awareness Month.  Ashley Turner, Ambassador Mom to the March of Dimes, shares the story of how the March of Dimes saved her little girl, Ellie, born 13 weeks early, and Tamara Currin from March of Dimes also gives us an update on how Tennessee is stacking up against nationwide numbers for premature births, and how new research is linking obesity and inactive lifestyles to early labor.  You can find March of Dimes online at

Nov 9, 2011

November is National Adoption Month, and who better to share what the experience of adoption is like firsthand than Mix 92.9's own Clint Redwine and his wife CJ, who recently adopted a lovely little girl, Johanna, from China.  The two talk about the unexpected criticism and insensitivity they faced as a result of their decision, as well as how the process changed their entire perspective on their home and material possessions.  CJ also recounts their journey, from the first trip to the Chinese orphanage, to Johanna’s first Christmas at home, and why the couple has decided to do it

Nov 3, 2011

November is National Adoption Month.  Author Jennifer Lauck shares her own story of adoption, and how it served as the inspiration for her New York Times bestseller, "Blackbird".

Oct 28, 2011

Every year you see the Salvation Army on every corner, ringing bells and collecting change.  But their Red Kettle program is only one of many that are offered not only around the holidays, but year round.  Col.

Oct 17, 2011

This week is Red Ribbon Week, an annual push for more parents to be aware of the drug risks their kids may face.  DeWayne Holman from the Nashville Prevention Partnership lists warning signs that your child may be abusing drugs or alcohol, explains why prescription medications are the new substance abuse threat, and gives tips on how to limit the accessibility of harmful substances.  Vaughn Ownbey from the Partnership for a Drug Free America then lists the biggest drug threats to Tennessee, including meth and alcohol, and how parents and the media can take an active role in stoppi

Oct 11, 2011

Dr Bill Schaffner of the Department of Preventive Medicine at Vanderbilt Medical School tells why getting a flu vaccination is vital, from how deadly it can be to children to why it's important to prevent the disease from spreading to those around you, explains which forms of the vaccine are now available, such as the traditional vaccination and now the nasal spray, and which one suits which patients depending on age and health.  He also addresses other common ailments such as whooping cough, the "super bug" we sometimes hear about, and those pesky bedbugs.  Murfreesboro pediatric

Oct 5, 2011

Anyone who lives in Middle Tennessee knows we can get some pretty crazy weather.  WKRN, News 2's resident weather expert, meteorologist Allison Chinchar talks about how to prepare your own "weather kit", just like you would for any other emergency.  She tells what to do if you're caught in your car during a flood or a tornado, explains why only 6 inches of water is enough to drown in and also move a vehicle, advises you to fill your bathtub with water if you anticipate a lengthy power outage, and talks about what types of buildings, and also which rooms in your house, are safest d

Sep 27, 2011

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  It is estimated that 1 in ever 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, but Dr. Mark Kelley, Associate Professor of Surgery and Surgical Oncologist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center says that those odds are getting better.  Dr.

Sep 20, 2011

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Lu Sipos, founder of Gabe's Chemo Duck, a Nashville-based nonprofit which works to give children stricken with cancer the smoothest possible treatment experience by educating them and their families about the process, shares the personal story of her son, Gabe, who inspired the program, and talks about the importance of patient education, and what friends and family of patients can do to make a loved one's battle as worry-free as possible.  Dr.

Sep 14, 2011

September is National Emergency Preparedness Month, and Mac Purdy, Director of the Williamson County Emergency Management Agency, says not to try and prepare for every individual disaster, but rather engage in "all hazards emergency management".  He explains why it's important to have emergency kits prepared for at work, at home, and in the car, and details what exactly needs to be in those kits, such as food, important documents, and first aid supplies.  He also talks about the value of emergency meeting locations for the family, as well as out-of-state points of contact, and how

Sep 13, 2011

In this week's program, Anna Marie has highlights from Kim Leslie's interview with Margaret Mauro, a New York native who lost her twin sister in the attacks on the World Trade Center, Anna talks with Jon Allen with the Transportation Safety Administration, who shares how travel safety has changed over the past 10 years, and local firefighter Mike Armistead explains this year's <a href="

Sep 13, 2011

Tennessee currently has the 2nd highest obesity rate of any state overall, 4th for childhood obesity, and Nashville specifically has an obesity rate of 30%.  Mayor Karl Dean is sick and tired of those numbers, and he's taking action to get the city up and moving.  The mayor discusses his health initiatives, including community walks to promote more active living, expanding the Greenway system and promoting local parks, as well as what he's doing to make school lunches healthier, and how you can get involved by joining the citywide 5k walk/run on Sunday, November 13th.  You'll