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Jul 25, 2014

Anna speaks to the Director of Hope Lodge, Sara Bircher. They discuss how the Hope Lodge helps house patients from outside of Davidson County that are fighting cancer so that they don't have to worry about hotel costs as cancer treatment can be very expensive. They also discuss the Hope Lodge's need for volunteers for shuttle driving, phone answering, and even just cooking meals every once in a while. Heather Powell, the Development Director of Ronald McDonald House, will also join Anna to discuss the Ronald McDonald House.

Jul 10, 2014

Rebecca Morris of Metro Animal Care and Control, and Kenneth Tallier of the Nashville Humane Association join Anna Marie to discuss pet adoption. They will discuss the adoption process for animals if you are interested in rescuing a pet, and they will also talk about how you can support your local shelters even if you can't currently adopt a pet. June is also kitten season, and both Becca and Kenneth will discuss how their respective shelters will have specials on cat adoption throughout the whole month.

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Jun 23, 2014

This week, in part one of a two-part special, Sergeant Bill Miller of the Tennessee Highway Patrol will join Anna Marie to discuss their "Drive to Zero" which is a commitment that the highway patrol is making to raise awareness about safe driving in Tennessee, and their goal to reduce traffic fatalities to zero. Sergeant Miller will discuss how the highway patrol no longer calls crashes "accidents" because they believe that crashes can be avoided if drivers focus on their driving and don't get distracted with texting, talking on the phone, or playing on the radio.

Jun 13, 2014

Avery Smith from Little Brothers Shell in Brentwood explains how to tune up your car for summer travel, including proper tire care and maintenance schedule, and Mike Prusinski, a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist, talks about the biggest scams being pulled on travelers these days, and how to avoid having your credit card information stolen while on vacation.  Valerie Bass from the TN Beef Industry Council also talks about tips for selecting, preparing, and storing the best meats for your grill this year, and shares tips on making the perfect burger.

Jun 3, 2014

Tommy Farmer, of the TBI's Tennessee Meth and Pharmaceutical Task Force, joins Anna to discuss Tennessee's meth problem. Mr. Farmer will discuss how meth is being made these days which includes a "shake method" that people use to make meth in coke or water bottles. He will also talk about how the common household chemicals used to make meth were not designed to mix with each other, but when they are mixed they create toxic and hazardous chemicals that cause very hot fires and explosions. Mr.

May 29, 2014

Emily Hoskins and Dylan Brown return to speak with Anna about many more subjects with regards to the Center for Independent Living of Middle Tennessee. Amongst the topics that will be discussed will include romance and how it doesn't stop just because someone is disabled. Dylan says that it was the thing that took him the longest to gain his confidence back in after he became a person with a disability. Emily will speak on what we can all do to better help persons with disabilities.

May 19, 2014

In part one of a two-part interview, Dylan Brown and Emily Hoskins from the Center for Independent Living of Middle Tennessee join Anna Marie for Focus. They will discuss a range of topics including challenges that the disabled can face in Nashville every day, such as being able to find transportation and homes that are accessible to them, educating the general public and raising awareness of disabilities, and even the steps that disabled people can go about finding jobs and customizable equipment for the daily use.

May 12, 2014

This week Jamie Berry from Goodwill, and Major Ed Lee and Gerald Brown from the Salvation Army, join Anna Marie to talk about donations, and how it is important this time of the year coming out of the winter season when donations are usually low. Jamie will discuss all of the type of items that Goodwill needs, including items you wouldn't think that you could normally donate. Then Major Ed Lee and Gerald Brown of the Salvation Army will talk to Anna about how the Salvation Army plans to give back this season, and what got both of these men involved in their community.

May 5, 2014

In part two of a two part special, professional organizer Susan Gardner joins Anna to discuss hoarding, and the steps you can take to help someone if you know a hoarder. Susan states that one in every thirty people is a hoarder and that sometimes it isn't always easy to tell who is a hoarder just based on their appearance. She also states that hoarders have a mental block that prevents them from being able to clean or organize, and that most times they don't know how to start.

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May 2, 2014

In part one of a two part special, professional organizer Susan Gardner joins Anna to discuss clutter in your home, and the steps you can take to clean out your home. Susan believes that cleaning the clutter out of your home will not only free up space in your physical home, but that it will also help to clear your mind. More and more people are moving into smaller homes and living spaces these days to help prevent the accumulation of clutter, and Susan will discuss her thoughts on that.

Apr 24, 2014

1 in 4 Americans have been diagnosed with some sort of mental illness.  Robin Nobling, the Executive Director at NAMI of Davidson County, the local branch of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, says that mental illness knows no boundaries of age, gender, income, or race, and that everyone has their own mental troubles; the point where it crosses over to illness is all about how you cope with it.  She also addresses the social stigma around the illness, its ties with addiction and prisons, NAMI’s classes and support groups, and how recovery IS possible.  

Apr 17, 2014

April is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, one of the most detectable and treatable cancers of all, and one that is impacting more and more people every year. Current statistics show that here in Tennessee, less than half of all woman get tested for cervical cancer, yet more than 20 million woman in the United States are infected with HPV, the virus that triggers cervical cancer, every year, often with little or no symptoms. That's why no matter your age or your background, it's important to get screened! To find out more, log onto

Apr 10, 2014

Dr John Benitez from the TN Poison Center speaks about common poisonous or toxic plants that you may encounter outdoors this summer, how to properly treat poison ivy and other contact poisons, and safe procedures for eating wild, potentially harmful plants such as Polk salad.  To learn more, visit, and if you find yourself in a poison related emergency, call the Poison Hotline at 1-800-222-1222.

Apr 1, 2014

March is National Nutrition Month. New Tennessee Health Commissioner Dr. John Dreyzehner gives some tips on how to change your diet and routine in simple ways, explains the new health officials are looking at the main food groups, and discusses how your body is already set up perfectly for proper diet and nutrition, you just have to recognize what your body is telling you, and put in a little bit of effort to help it along. For additional nutrition information and meal planning assistance, visit, or

Mar 25, 2014

For March, Colo-Rectal Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Alan Herline joins us from the Vanderbilt Cancer Center says colon cancer is the most preventable and curable form of cancer, if it’s caught early. He recommends one get their first colonoscopy at age 50, and then says if there are no problems, most people can wait 5 years before they need another. He says if someone in your family had colon cancer, your first colonoscopy should be ten years before your family member’s was when they were diagnosed.

Mar 25, 2014

For March, Colo-Rectal Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Alan Herline joins us from the Vanderbilt Cancer Center says colon cancer is the most preventable and curable form of cancer, if it’s caught early. He recommends one get their first colonoscopy at age 50, and then says if there are no problems, most people can wait 5 years before they need another. He says if someone in your family had colon cancer, your first colonoscopy should be ten years before your family member’s was when they were diagnosed.

Mar 18, 2014

This week Anna speaks with a few guests who have first-hand experience with premature births. They will talk about the health dangers that they dealt with, such as their children having underdeveloped lungs, or even weighing under three pounds after being born.

Feb 24, 2014

Patty Clements and Lori Anne-Parker Danley join Anna Marie this week to discuss Go Red, and how they are trying to raise awareness for women's heart disease. They want to raise awareness because 1 in 3 women die every year from heart disease, which is more than all forms of cancer combined. They'll share their personal stories and connections, and what women can do to help prevent heart disease, such as eating more fruits and vegetables, and exercising 30 minutes a day. For more information, please visit:

Jan 28, 2014

Mac Purdy, Director of the Williamson County Emergency Management Agency, joins Anna Marie this week to discuss emergency preparedness. He discusses what the term "emergency preparedness" means, what types of emergencies Middle Tennesseans can face, and what measures Middle Tennesseans should take to prepare for such emergencies ahead of time.

Jan 20, 2014

Margaret Smith of the American Lung Association of Tennessee addresses how smoking puts not only yourself, but other at risk, helpful tips to kick the habit, and what state and national governments are doing to help. More at, and for  by Fast Free Converter">help quitting smoking, visit

Jan 14, 2014

1 in 4 people will suffer from some form of arthritis, of which there are over a hundred, which costs $128 billion a year in lost productivity and hospitalizations, and is the #1 cause of disability in America.  Dorothy Scobey, Development and Services Director for the Middle Tennessee chapter of the Arthritis Foundation, talks about the warning signs of the two most common forms of arthritis, shares what factors, including genetics, can lead to it, and also explains how increasing more children are finding themselves afflicted.  Anna also shares excerpts from All Flared Up: An Ar

Jan 14, 2014

Clinical psychologist Katheryn Sherrod, PH.D. discusses “self-caring” at the holidays, from how to quit being such a taskmaster with cooking and cleaning and ask for help when you need it, to how to let go of self-image issues, deal with continuing grief from losing a loved one this time of year, and how in terms of focusing attention and emotional support on others, giving can be better than receiving. Contact Dr. Sherrod at 615-298-2329 or 

Dec 12, 2013

John Baker, a grief counselor with Alive Hospice, explains how to cope with grief during the holiday season and throughout the year, where you can get help, what the varying forms of counseling are, and how to find the right fit for you, as well as dispels some myths about what counseling is like.

For immediate help, call the Grief Hotline at 963-4732.

For more information please visit:

Dec 12, 2013

Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist with the Vanderbilt Department of Preventative Medicine, gives tips for treating common winter ailments, such as which over the counter medicines actually work and which ones are over-hyped, which home remedies are effective and which are old wives tales, how to avoid both contracting and spreading viral infections, and why such illnesses are more common in winter.

Dec 12, 2013

Avery Smith, ASE certified mechanic at Little Brothers Shell, explains the importance of antifreeze and how often to change it, as well as what maintenance to perform regularly to avoid a breakdown.

Mark Cox, director of the Bridgestone Winter Driving School, explains which tires are best for winter driving, how you can tell if you're about to hydroplane, and how to execute driving maneuvers that might help you avoid a crash.

Also, Gale Kimbrough, Interstate Batteries Technical Service Manager, explains the effect of cold weather on batteries.