On behalf of the entire Mix 92.9 staff

On behalf of the entire Mix 92.9 staff and Steinway Piano Gallery, we want to say, “Congratulations” to all who entered our Singing Star contest, to those who very narrowly missed being finalists…and to those who made it into the Top 10.  We are amazed at the level of talent from people like you who put in the time and energy to participate this year. We also recognize that your effort is not just a matter of talent, but heart. Taking on this challenge shows extraordinary spirit and we are honored that you chose to share that part of yourself with us.

Narrowing down the hundreds of entries to ten finalists was a daunting task.  Some people were disqualified because they did not follow all the rules.  And, according to our celebrity judges, others fell just short of the mark for a variety of reasons, including song choices that did not sit well with their voice.  No matter where you ended up in this process, please continue to let your light shine and sing on with that spirit that makes you so special.  

Mix 92.9 plans to continue with our Singing Star contest, and if you still qualify next year, please give it another try.  Believe in yourself because you renewed our faith in so many things.  Best wishes to all our junior high and high school kids….you are amazing! 

Also, thanks to the thousands of Mix Listeners in the Middle Tennessee area who helped us crown our 4th Singing Star! It is listeners like you that give us the inspiration to find ways to bring light to the talents of these extraordinary individuals.


Click on the image to hear Olivia sing.